sliding jack

A Sliding Jack Transforms Your Car Storage Lift Into an Automotive Service Tool

A sliding jack transforms your car storage lift into an automotive service tool, enabling you to fully raise vehicles for suspension, drivetrain and brake work that cannot be accomplished using only a jack tray alone.

The sliding jack consists of a socket (labeled D), piston assembly, leveling arm and handle (labeled E, F). A reservoir stores hydraulic fluid which flows directly to its pistons via the handle’s screw plug.

Professional Career

A sliding jack is a bridge jack designed to sit on the runway edges of a four post lift, enabling mechanics to perform wheel-free work for brake, suspension and tire service, frame maintenance or car body work. Compatible with several 4 post lift brands and can be mounted either between runways or directly on them, it requires no air power for operation and operates via hand pump operation, making this an excellent addition to any garage lift! This product may come equipped with rollers as an optional extra.

Personal Life

The PKSJ-35 is a sliding bridge jack designed for use on four-post lifts to provide wheel-free service for brake, suspension and tire repairs. Equipped with its own hand pump for convenient accessibility to vehicles on lift runway edges for repairs, this unit fits all brands of storage lifts with runway slides. Roger was an acquaintance of Jack London whom he took photos for Circulation magazine. They first met during Oakland High School tutoring sessions where London tutored his fiancee Bessie.

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