Skyward Harp Best Character

Skyward Harp – Best Character for Yoimiya

The Skyward Harp is a powerful bow weapon. Its unique design allows it to turn attacks into game-changing AoEs. It also increases critical damage by 20% or 40%, depending on refinement level. These increases can also be applied to small AoE attacks. This makes it a solid pick for Yoimiya.

In addition to being a very useful damage dealer, the Skyward Harp is also a great support. It can provide additional DPS and is often paired with Fischl or Oz, which is a great addition to any team. The Skyward Harp is one of the best 5-star weapons in the game, but the only other 5-star weapon that can compare to it is Elegy for the End.

This weapon gives its user an additional 20% of attack power every four seconds. In addition, it also gives the wielder a CRIT DMG buff and deals Physical DMG every 4 seconds. This makes the Skyward Harp an excellent choice for DPS characters, but it also stands up well against weapons with better DMG bonuses, such as the Amos’ Bow and Thundering Pulse. However, be aware that the RNG for this weapon is based on a percentage-based chance. In addition, this item is very difficult to get.

Ganyu, the Secretary of Liyue Qixing, is another excellent choice. As a half-adepti, he is a fantastic DPS. His insane attack potential makes him one of the best DPS characters in the game. He also provides off-field support, which makes him an excellent choice for skyward harp. He can also use his CRIT DMG goblet for extra damage.

As the first character in Traveler, Amber is a level 20 character that can already be a good DPS if equipped with a Skyward Harp. Although this weapon may not be the most effective when aimed charge attacks are used, it can still help Amber deal a lot of Critical Hits.

While the Skyward Harp is an excellent choice for support or DPS roles, the skill requires an enormous amount of materials. The materials needed for Skyward Harp can be obtained from common enemies and elite enemies. Some of the common enemies who drop Skyward Harp materials include Abyss Mages and Abyss Heralds. There are currently 29 Bow weapons in the game.

The Skyward Harp is a powerful weapon that represents Dvalin’s association with the Anemo Archon. It also has a high ATK and a high Crit Rate. This weapon has a 60% chance to hit multiple targets with a small AoE attack. This attack can be triggered once every 4 seconds.

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