Shirley Kyles

Shirley Kyles – The Ex-Wife of Al Green

Shirley Kyles is perhaps best-known as the former wife of pastor and gospel singer Al Green. They married in 1977 and share three daughters together.

Their union occurred at an important juncture in Green’s career as he achieved fame and created legendary soul records.

Early Life and Education

Shirley Kyles has not made much public about her personal life. However, she rose to prominence due to her relationship with soul singer Al Green (known for songs such as Let’s Stay Together and For The Good Times ).

Green and his then-partner married during a period when Green’s musical career was at its apex, welcoming three daughters – Alva, Ruby, and Cora are all gifted musicians – during their short marriage.

Kyles remains committed to her religious beliefs and holds no ill will towards her former husband; rather she uses their relationship as an opportunity for growth and new beginnings. Kyles sets an exemplary example for how challenging experiences can be turned into opportunities for personal development and new beginnings.

Professional Career

Shirley Kyles is best-known as the former wife of Al Green, an iconic soul singer who became widely beloved during the 70s for creating timeless classics such as “Can I Change the Channel”. Their marriage garnered much media coverage due to a domestic incident which ultimately caused their separation.

Married since June 1977 and raising three daughters together, the pair separated in 1983 with her finalizing her divorce from I’m Still In Love With You hitmaker that same year.

Over her career, she has appeared as both guest and subject on various television programs and documentaries; such as Dateline NBC and Snapped. At present she lives a quiet life with her four children Henry III, Christopher Candace and Courtney.

Achievement and Honors

Shirley Kyles made many TV show appearances during her lifetime, both as a subject and guest, such as Dateline NBC and the Steve Wilkos Show. These programs also showcased how her family struggled to cope with her murder by Henry Kyles in 2016.

Green and Kyles had three daughters together: Alva, Ruby, and Cora – all who share an appreciation of music with both of their parents.

Their marriage marked an important stage in Al Green’s storied career as both singer and minister, featuring soft vocal phrasing and falsetto embellishments that became signature elements in his music. Although details on Kyles’ post-divorce life remain scarce, such crucial events often provide new beginnings.

Personal Life

Shirley Kyles has not revealed much information regarding her personal life; however, she was once married to Al Green, an influential pastor and Grammy Award-winning singer known for hits like Let’s Stay Together and For the Good Times.

Kyles’ marriage to Green lasted from 1977-1983 and ended when she filed for divorce, alleging domestic abuse at his hands; specifically that he often used physical methods against her such as slapping, pushing and even using an acoustic guitar to beat her.

Divorce proved pivotal to Green’s transformation. After his separation, he rededicated himself to gospel music and founded Full Gospel Tabernacle Church; additionally redefining himself as a singer and reinventing himself musically.

Net Worth

However, many details surrounding Kyles’ life post-divorce remain vague. Although pivotal moments in one’s life such as this may not be widely publicized, such experiences can play an essential role in one’s transformation and prompt people to reassess priorities and discover alternative means of success.

Kyles remains unclear about what she does for a living, yet she must surely be earning quite the fortune as one of the Real Housewives of New York City. According to Radar reports that she receives an astounding $500 thousand per season while also profiting from various business ventures she engages in.

Luann de Lesseps of RHONY boasts an estimated net worth of $50 Million and average earnings from each episode average at $60 Thousand per episode; she also is an accomplished realtor and known for her various endorsement deals.

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