Shayne Topp Net Worth

Shayne Topp is an accomplished American actor, comedian and YouTube sensation who first came into public eye with his performance as Shayne in So Random! on TV. Since then he has also made appearances as Matt Bradley on ABC’s The Goldbergs series.

He has an estimated net worth of $5 Million from his acting, entertainment and YouTube careers.

Early Life and Education

Shayne Topp was born on 14 September 1991 in Los Angeles, California and raised by Catherine and Robert Royal Topp (he also has two siblings Brian and Chrish Topp). Shayne began acting when he was in fifth grade when performing as part of his school production of Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Topp became a cast member of YouTube sketch comedy show Smosh in 2015 and since has also had recurring roles on The Goldbergs, So Random!, Moonpie and Sam & Cat as well as Henry Danger TV series.

Dear Lemon Lima was premiered at the Omaha Film Festival and received critical acclaim, as an independent movie.

Professional Career

Shayne Topp was first exposed to acting at an early age through school and local theater productions that helped him establish an extensive foundation in acting.

He has also appeared in various TV shows and short films as a supporting player, but 2015 proved his breakout year when he joined the ‘Smosh’ comedy website and cast.

Since joining the show, he has become an integral component. Additionally, he was best-known for his recurring role as Matt Bradley on ABC series The Goldbergs until its finale in 2023. Renowned for his impeccable impersonations skills (e.g. Christopher Walken, Tom Cruise and Nicholas Cage impressions), his praise has often come his way.

Achievement and Honors

Shayne Topp has made himself known for his acting and comedy talents, appearing in popular TV shows and movies alike. Additionally, he is active on YouTube platforms where his ventures generate income through ads or sponsorship.

His fame skyrocketed when he joined the American sketch comedy YouTube show Smosh, after which he has appeared in numerous TV shows and movies; including Matt Bradley from The Goldbergs series as well as Shayne Zabo from Disney Channel’s So Random!.

Shayne Topp has also shown himself to be an avid video game player and maintains an active social media presence. With his dashing good looks and balanced body weight of 5 feet 8 inches – not to mention an active social media presence – this versatile actor stands out among his peers.

Personal Life

Shayne Topp is an accomplished American actor and comedian best known for his appearances on YouTube channel Smosh as well as Disney Channel’s So Random! and ABC’s The Goldbergs. Additionally, he holds a degree in Psychology from Arizona State University.

At an early age, he developed an avid interest in acting. After performing in his school’s production of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory during fifth grade, he went on to star in Dear Lemon Lima film that garnered numerous awards at different film festivals.

Topp has kept his personal life private and has not released details regarding his relationship status or possible partners, although there have been reports that he and Courtney Miller from Smosh may be romantically involved as they often spend time together and call each other by pet names.

Net Worth

Shayne Topp is an accomplished American actor, comedian, writer, and social media influencer best known for his starring role on YouTube’s popular sketch comedy show ‘Smosh.’ Additionally he has appeared in several TV series and movies such as Moonpie”, “iCarly”, and “The Violation.”

He can also be found active on Instagram and Twitter, where he interacts with fans and promotes his work. With an established following on both platforms – as well as potential endorsement or sponsorship opportunities that could boost his income further – he maintains an active social presence which can potentially open doors to endorsements and sponsorship deals that further grow his income stream.

Topp is also an accomplished filmmaker. His 2009 short Dear Lemon Lima won critical acclaim and the jury prize at Los Angeles Film Festival, while other short films by him include The Violation and Hello Lillian.

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