Search For The Ball With Becca

The Freshman – Book 1 – Search For the Ball With Becca

Despite being the main character in The Freshman, Book 1, Becca Tilley is not your average teenager. While she may appear to be popular, she can also be very mean. In the beginning of the series, Becca is selfish, cruel, and entitled, but after she loses money and becomes a part of Kappa Phi Sigma, she changes. She then starts to help other people and gives away scholarships for deserving high school students. She is now traveling the world and searching for the best TV shows.

Becca was an active member of Kappa Phi Sigma sorority and was the president of the chapter. She lost her position when she was demoted by the chapter members. After she resigns, she finds out that she was not the only one to have been kicked out. She tries to get the group to work together, but the members only make it worse. Becca starts to become the target of many of her friends, including Madison. Eventually, Becca falls out with her. She wants to start over and become a better person. This is when she gets involved with Your Character.

Becca is one of the first people Your Character meets at Hartfeld. She is a member of the dance club and wears a black patterned halter top and black pants. She usually wears makeup, but is not overly feminine. She uses a few exercise balls and foam rollers. She also likes punk music. She has a Twitter account and posts some tweets. She is also a fitness guru and teaches yoga pilates. Her favorite shows are the Bachelor and The Real Housewives.

Becca will ask Your Character if they want to move in together. She will also invite them to her private party. When Your Character asks Becca if she likes them, Becca will reply with a yes. She will also ask to join their group photo. If Your Character chooses to stay with her, Becca will give them a new outfit. She will also give them iced tea. Then, Becca will offer Your Character a chance to have sex with her. However, Becca will be very hostile toward Your Character if they date another student, such as Sebastian. She will also be a little jealous of your character’s popularity. If Your Character dates Chris, Becca will be friendly.

Becca is a member of the dance club. She has been friends with Logan since the first year of high school. In Book 3, Becca becomes a love interest for Your Character. She is very popular and has a lot of followers on social networking sites. She will show up in Your Character’s recent searches. She will also take them to a snow cone stand, a restaurant, and a dance competition. She will also reward them for winning a dance showdown.

Becca is a very popular girl. She is also very modern. She has a Twitter account and she likes punk music. She is very attractive and she can be very sassy. She is sometimes nice, but she has a very shady past.

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