Ryan Toby Net Worth

Ryan Toby is an internationally-recognized multi-talented artist known for his contributions as a soundtrack singer, actor and composer. Distinguished for his incredible musical compositions and captivating performances on film sets alike, Toby has become an industry staple over his illustrious career.

Toby gained worldwide fame through his performance as Wesley Glen Ahmal James in Sister Act 2 in 1993. Additionally, he is well known as part of R&B group City High.

Early Life and Education

Ryan Toby was born 26 November 1978 in Willingboro, New Jersey and has become renowned as both a Soul Singer and Actor. A member of R&B group City High alongside Wyclef Jean and Claudette Ortiz; currently, Ryan prefers keeping his personal and love life private.

He is a dynamic Sagittarius with the energy of courage and optimism fueling all his endeavors. His dynamic stage presence and ability to seamlessly switch between artistic disciplines reflect this passion and drive for success. Thanks to his inborn talent, he has reached incredible heights within the entertainment industry – whether on red carpets or at sold out crowds, his otherworldly performances leave an indelible mark on audiences that remains with them long after hearing him perform live!

Professional Career

Ryan Toby has become one of the industry’s most celebrated multifaceted artists through his captivating performances, garnering him widespread acclaim from audiences around the globe. His captivating shows have won him praise from all corners. His dynamic artistry has cemented him a place among its ranks as an esteemed multidisciplinary performer.

Toby rose to fame through his role in Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit, where he played Ahmal James of a children’s choir who stole the show with their rendition of “Joyful, Joyful”. Subsequently he joined Jazzy Jeff’s Touch of Jazz Production Company before eventually founding City High with Robby Pardio and Claudette Ortiz as fellow band members.

Ryan Toby has composed songs for Bobby Brown, Dru Hill, Usher and Tyrese as well as other artists like Claudette Ortiz from City High – although their marriage ultimately ended up ending in divorce in 2007. Ryan’s dynamic stage presence mirrors his exuberant personality which draws its inspiration from Sagittarius zodiac sign.

Achievement and Honors

Ryan Toby has quickly made waves in the entertainment industry through his skill and creative genius. As a singer, composer, and actor; his amazing performances have dazzled audiences leaving them wanting more each time out.

He first made his mark as part of City High, which became immensely popular. Later pursuing solo music career – with Soul of a Songbird album release in 2007

He has collaborated with multiple producers and written songs for gospel artists. His fiery Sagittarius zodiac sign perfectly captures his passion and enthusiasm for artistic pursuits; with drive and vision to propel his career further; he serves as an exemplar to many aspiring artists.

Personal Life

Ryan Toby is an artist of many talents, having excelled in music and acting. His innate talent and enthusiasm have left audiences spellbound.

He rose to fame after appearing as Baritenor in Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit. Subsequently he collaborated with Jazzy Jeff’s Touch of Jazz production company and later helped Will Smith complete his Big Willie Style album with songs such as Miami, Don’t Say Nothing and Candy that feature writing credits by him.

He was married to bandmate Claudette Ortiz for two years prior to their separation and eventual divorce in 2007. Together they have two children – Daunte Goncalves Toby and Joel Toby. Joel currently resides in Los Angeles with his family. He remains committed to his relationship with both children.

Net Worth

Ryan Toby is an extraordinary artist renowned for his spellbinding musical compositions, stunning big-screen performances and unmatched soundtrack contributions. Over time he has amassed an immense fortune.

Toby is best-known for his work with Mary J Blige and Chris Brown. Additionally, he co-wrote songs for Usher’s Confessions album. Since 2004 he has been married to Claudette Ortiz; together they have two children named Daunte Goncalves Toby and Joel Toby.

American artist Toby is from Willingboro, New Jersey and his zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Toby’s incredible talents and mesmerizing voice have garnered him international acclaim as one of the industry’s most successful actors, singers, songwriters, musicians and record producers.

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