Russell Henley

Russell Henley

Russell was a strong leader and straightforward in dealing with his staff. He reorganized the Observatory to enable systematic work, expanded its network of weather stations, began river records, and published Climate of New South Wales in 1884.

Princeton students honored him by awarding him with the Charles A. Young Research Professorship of Astronomy on their thirty-second reunion in 1927.

Early Life and Education

Henry was previously employed in Chicago Public Schools as both the military commandant and JROTC instructor before moving to Kentucky and teaching eighth-grade social studies at Bullitt Lick Middle School, baseball coaching, horse farriering and baseball coaching respectively. Additionally he served as baseball coach, horse farrier, baseball coach as well as baseball farrier for several teams as well. Surviving Henry are his wife, children, three sisters, several grandchildren as well as VFW 8220 Belton MO membership where he enjoyed travel, mechanic work and trucking across the highway.

After graduating from West Maitland Grammar and the University of Sydney with a B.A. (1859), Russell joined the Sydney Observatory as G. R. Smalley’s successor as government astronomer, where he organized its operations around systematic star position research, reinstated meteorological stations discontinued by Smalley, and assertively resolved staff conflicts by being firm but fair in his approach to solving disagreements. His staff appreciated him immensely for being both aggressive and kind while conducting business.

Professional Career

Russell Henley is an acclaimed professional golfer who has won multiple tournaments throughout his career and earned membership of the PGA Tour. Additionally, Henley has been actively involved with golf for over 10 years; additionally he also practices property law and dispute resolution services.

He has served on various committees of the American Society of Civil Engineers and published articles in leading journals. Additionally, he possesses extensive expertise in designing, inspecting, evaluating and rehabilitation of tunnels and complex underground structures.

He has also contributed to various projects for the American Association for State Highway and Transportation Officials, developing state-of-the-art investigation and inspection procedures for tunnels. As an active member of the International Tunneling Association he led in creating Working Group 6 dedicated to tunnel maintenance and repair.

Achievement and Honors

Henry-Russell Hitchcock received honorary degrees from Glasgow University and University of Pennsylvania and served as president of the Society of Architectural Historians. Additionally, he taught at Vassar College and Wesleyan University.

He spent several months each year at Mount Wilson helping Hale’s solar and stellar spectroscopic staff make use of its extensive stores of data. Through this work, his research focus shifted toward spectrum analysis – the description and evaluation of line structures in astronomical spectra.

He attracted an outstanding group of graduate students, many of whom went on to assume leadership positions in observatories across the nation. He published 241 papers. Join him and enjoy this site ad-free as a Stathead! Access baseball, basketball and hockey stats plus news updates, scores and scores more!

Personal Life

Henry was an avid hunter who relished rabbit and deer hunting, restoring classic 1950s automobiles, taking leisurely drives through the countryside, and making new friends. He passed away at 79 in Princeton, New Jersey.

He sent parties to Woodford, Goulburn and Eden to establish meteorological stations; was the first Australian meteorologist to take a comprehensive global approach; created one of the earliest photographic parallax programs to determine star distances;

He wrote several songs to advance social reform initiatives such as treating mental illness, eliminating racial prejudice, and encouraging emigration. His music strived for humanness while giving old forms new meaning; he composed both in choral and secular styles.

Net Worth

Russell has amassed an immense fortune over his career. He invested the funds, purchasing multiple assets like a black Ferrari and Rolls Royce Wraith among others. Furthermore, endorsement deals with different brands provide Russell with additional income streams.

Has been featured in multiple movies and TV shows, earning rave reviews from critics as he performed brilliantly. His performances garnered him an enormous fan base, particularly among younger generations, leading him to receive multiple awards for his incredible work. Has an estimated net worth of $25 Million which includes earnings from both film and sports career earnings as well as investments into various business ventures that help achieve both short-term financial goals as well as long-term ones.

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