Rose Williams Net Worth

Rose Williams is a rising British actress who has earned critical acclaim for her performances. With an expansive acting repertoire and multiple characters under her belt, Williams has demonstrated her ability to adapt well.

She made her acting debut with Tocks in 2014 and has since appeared in multiple movies and TV series.

Early Life and Education

Rose Williams had set her heart on becoming a fashionista at 17, dropping out of her A levels to secure one of London’s renowned Dover Street Market jobs as soon as possible.

She eventually changed course and pursued acting more seriously, which resulted in her appearing in several television shows and movies – most notably Princess Claude in Reign season two and Charlotte Heywood in Andrew Davies’ adaptation of Jane Austen’s incomplete novel Sanditon by Andrew Davies.

As well as acting, she also pursues her love for painting and poetry. A huge animal enthusiast, she regularly posts pictures of Mabel the cat on social media accounts.

Professional Career

Rose Williams is an esteemed British actress who has become a notable force in the acting industry. Through hard work and sheer talent, she has secured success within this competitive field – featuring in such TV series as Reign, Medici Changeland and Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris.

In 2019, she became famous through her role in ITV’s series Sanditon, an adaptation of Jane Austen’s incomplete novel that also stars Kris Marshall and Theo James as lead roles.

Rose Williams is actively engaged in charitable work. She donates time and funds to organizations promoting mental health awareness and women’s empowerment, participates in charity events and fundraisers and posts photos with her younger sister often on social media.

Achievement and Honors

Williams is an exceptional actress renowned for her numerous films and TV series that have received critical acclaim. Her exceptional acting skills and charming appearance make her an appealing performer on screen.

Williams first achieved fame through her role as Princess Claude in Reign, before becoming a star through her breakout performance as Charlotte Heywood in Jane Austen’s unfinished novel Sanditon (2019 adaptation). This performance propelled Williams into superstar status.

She made her television debut as Pamela Penrose on Curfew before landing a leading role on Macaulay Culkin’s film Changeland as his lead. Since then she has appeared as Val in British horror flick The Power starring Emma Rigby as well as Pamela Penrose in Mrs Harris Goes to Paris alongside Lesley Manville.

Personal Life

Rose Williams is an exceptional actress with an illustrious career. Thanks to her hard work and undeniable talent, her popularity and net worth continue to soar in Hollywood.

She has long been recognized for her generosity as a generous philanthropist and supports various organizations that work toward bettering society. Through charitable giving she has found more opportunities and expanded her career.

Regarding her personal life, Williams remains extremely private. Currently in a relationship with Samuel Thompson – also her co-star in the film The Power – they value open communication, mutual respect for professional endeavors, privacy and spending quality time together while being passionate about each other’s careers.

Net Worth

Rose Victoria Williams, born 18 February 1994 in Ealing, London. Her earliest acting credits include short films Tocks and Sunroof as well as her role in Sanditon, an adaptation of Jane Austen’s incomplete novel.

In 2019, she appeared in two feature films – Changeland and Medici. Additionally, she has played prominent roles on a number of TV series such as Casualty, Reign and Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris.

Critics and audiences have both praised her acting talents. She is actively sharing updates about her projects on social media with fans. Additionally, she owns an adorable dog named Luna who she often posts pictures of online – she currently boasts over 152,000 followers on Instagram! Currently single without children to care for or support

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