Rose Wilder Lane Net Worth

Rose Wilder Lane was an acclaimed journalist, travel writer, and novelist originating from the United States. Along with Ayn Rand and Isabel Patterson she contributed greatly to the American Libertarian Movement.

Rose continued her mother’s Little House series by penning pioneer books such as Let the Hurricane Roar and Old Home Town. Additionally, she published the autobiographical work On the Way Home.

Early Life and Education

Rose Wilder Lane was born December 5, 1886. She worked as a journalist, with an estimated net worth between $1 Million – $5 Million.

She began as a Western Union telegrapher before making the transition to freelance writer. By the end of the 1920s, she had become one of America’s highest-paying female journalists.

Lane was perhaps best-known for her mother’s Little House books, yet she also wrote several novels of her own. Let the Hurricane Roar was one such work which received critical acclaim and won critical approval in 1938. Lane was known to be staunchly opposed to FDR’s New Deal; she believed its policies threatened self-reliance which she associated with her mother’s pioneering spirit. Furthermore, she published several biographies, such as one on Herbert Hoover.

Professional Career

Rose Wilder Lane was an accomplished author, crafting both novels and travelogues during her long writing career. Additionally, she frequently contributed her talents as a journalist to magazines like Saturday Evening Post and Good Housekeeping.

She is best-known as the author of the Little House on the Prairie series, but she also published several other books, short stories, and newspaper articles as a freelancer writer who often had their work appear in national publications.

Lane was an avid traveller whose writings reflected her mounting concern over government intrusion on individual liberty. A strong supporter of libertarian ideas, she corresponded with Ayn Rand for many years until her death at age 81 at her home in Danbury Connecticut where she left her literary estate to Roger Lea MacBride whom she adopted as her grandchild.

Achievement and Honors

Rose Wilder Lane was an accomplished Journalist born December 5th 1886 who died October 30th 1968. Known for her book ‘Let the Hurricane Roar’.

She was the sole surviving child of Little House on the Prairie author Laura Ingalls Wilder. As an author in her own right, she became prolific, writing novels, travelogues and political journalism works; alongside Ayn Rand she helped launch and develop the American Libertarian Movement.

She may have been overshadowed by her mother’s enduring popularity, yet she was an accomplished and highly successful writer in her own right. Her writing appeared serialized in several popular magazines. Additionally, she was an engaging public speaker and debater.

Personal Life

Lane was an unpredictable, difficult person who often caused friction among her peers. Rumors swirled that she may have cheated on her husband; yet, she also maintained close relationships that continued throughout her life (South Dakota Public Broadcasting).

After several years as a Western Union telegrapher, Lane went freelance writing and became one of the highest-paying female journalists by the end of the 1920s. She quickly proved adept at storytelling, using her connections to help publish her mother’s Little House series of books.

Lane traveled widely and wrote extensively about her experiences, particularly those in Albania. She even unofficially adopted Rexh Meta, giving him money so he could travel to America in search of better education opportunities.

Net Worth

Rose Wilder Lane was an eminent journalist from USA who rose to prominence due to her work. With insightful reporting and captivating writing style, she established herself within her industry with ease and went on to receive many awards and honors – making her truly remarkable figure in history.

She has written several books during her lifetime, such as Let the Hurricane Roar and Old Home Town. Additionally, she wrote numerous travelogues and political journalism pieces.

She dedicated her life to serving others, evidenced by the adoption of two orphans and her commitment to advocating for women’s rights. When she died at 83 in Danbury, Connecticut her estate is estimated at $100 million and its heir is Roger Lea MacBride who champions an antigovernment agenda.

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