Rodney Carrington Net Worth

Rodney Carrington is an accomplished comedian with an estimated net worth of 6 Million Dollars. Hailing from Longview, Texas originally, Carrington has been working professionally as an entertainer since 1998.

Rodney combines standup comedy with country music on his albums, such as Hangin’ with Rodney, 2000 Morning Wood, King of the Mountains and El Nino Loco.

Early Life and Education

Rodney Carrington was born and educated in Longview, Texas where he attended Pine Tree High School and Kilgore College. With his natural ability and diverse skill-set he quickly rose to become one of the premier comedians and country music artists of his era.

He is best-known for his relatable and funny routines that have earned him critical acclaim and earned him an enormous fan base. His live shows have become an important source of income and increased significantly his net worth.

Rodney made his acting debut in the sitcom Rodney, based on his life and which received positive reviews. Since then, he has gone on to star in movies and TV shows such as Beer for My Horses (2008) as well as signing licensing deals that add further earnings.

Professional Career

Rodney Carrington is an iconic multi-talented artist renowned for both comedy and music performances that have amassed him an avid following and amassed him an enormous net worth over his illustrious career spanning over three decades.

In 1998, Rodney released his debut album Hangin’ with Rodney under Mercury Nashville; this collection comprised both stand-up comedy and original songs. Subsequent albums included Morning Wood and Nut Sack which received great reception from audiences.

He has not only enjoyed success as a singer and comedian, but has also appeared in movies such as The Longest Yard and Beer for My Horses. Additionally, he is married to Terri and they have three children Sam, George, and Zac; living in Longview Texas as graduates from Kilgore College.

Achievement and Honors

Rodney Carrington has earned recognition through his multifaceted talents, excelling both in comedy and country music. Starting off by performing locally before being invited onto The Bob and Tom Show radio show as a regular, Rodney has found great success across multiple disciplines.

He also gained fame through starring in his own sitcom Rodney for two seasons and in the movie Beer for My Horses with Toby Keith, both ventures adding significantly to his wealth and establishing him within the entertainment industry.

Carrington credits his extensive touring career with being instrumental to his financial success. Due to its immense popularity, comedy shows featuring Carrington have resulted in high ticket prices that increase earnings; further cementing him as one of the world’s premier comedic talents.

Personal Life

Rodney Carrington has made his mark as an actor, singer, and comedian. Though his sources of income are significant, he prefers living a modest lifestyle.

He owns a home in South Tulsa, Oklahoma that features dark woods and neutral walls; as well as owning an extravagant car. Furthermore, he is married to Terri, a speech-language pathologist.

Rodney began his career performing stand-up comedy in local venues before eventually earning spots on radio shows. In 1998, Mercury Records Nashville signed him and released his first album Hangin’ With Rodney which contained both stand-up comedy and original country songs. The non-charting single Letter to My Penis peaked at #73 on the Top Country Albums chart.

Net Worth

Rodney Carrington is a multi-talented artist renowned in the entertainment world as a stand-up comedian, country musician and actor. Through hard work and talent alone he has amassed an estimated net worth of $6 Million dollars.

Experienced in both stand-up comedy and original music composition, his approach combines both genres seamlessly to great effect among his followers. Additionally, The Bob and Tom Show has featured him many times as part of its lineup; radio programs like this have contributed significantly to his rise to success. His unique combination of original songs with stand-up comedy has become hugely popular with them.

Not limited to performing live shows, this entertainer has also appeared in film and television, giving him additional revenue through licensing deals and merchandise sales. Married to Terri and blessed with three children – Zac, Sam and George Carrington.

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