Robyn Griggs Net Worth

Griggs was an exceptional actress, appearing in many stage and television productions as well as horror movies like Zombiegeddon and Minds of Terror.

In 2020, she was diagnosed with stage 4 cervical cancer and passed away 13 August 2022 at 49 years of age, leaving behind a husband Mark Wiley (a professional golfer).

Early Life and Education

Griggs began her acting career early, appearing in local theater productions. Over time, her talent and passion led to roles on television shows and films.

She furthered her acting career by diversifying her income streams through real estate investments that contributed to growing and maintaining her wealth.

Griggs became well-known through her roles on soap operas such as One Life to Live as Stephanie Hobart and Another World as Maggie Cory, which made for a long and distinguished career that many fans hold her up as an icon of the industry.

Griggs was married to Mark Wiley from August 2022 until her death, although there is no information regarding whether or not they had children together.

Professional Career

Griggs was an accomplished professional actress in both theater and film. Known for her outstanding acting ability and captivating performances, her extraordinary acting talent and financial success are an outstanding testament to this success.

As well as her successful acting career, she also engaged in various philanthropic pursuits and raised awareness for numerous causes and charities related to animal welfare.

Griggs hails from Tunkhannock and was born to Tippe Hedren and Peter Griffith in 1973, also having one sister named Tracy. Griggs married professional golfer Mark Wiley in 2013 but kept their personal lives private; rarely being seen together online.

Griggs died of cervical cancer on August 13, 2022 at 49 years old. She will be deeply missed.

Achievement and Honors

Griggs made her acting debut at three, appearing in A Doll House production and later taking singing and dance lessons throughout school years. Additionally, she traveled to New York regularly for auditions of roles.

She became famous for her daytime soap opera appearances as Stephanie Hobart on One Life to Live and Maggie Cory in Another World from 1993-1995, as well as numerous independent horror films she made appearances in.

She revealed in 2020 that she had stage 4 cervical cancer and passed away on August 13th 2022 at 49 years old, survived by her husband Mark Wiley (a professional golfer).

This couple married in 2013 and had three children together; however, their identities or ages remain unknown to the public.

Personal Life

Griggs had been married to golf-pro Mark Wiley since 2013, living together and enjoying an idyllic relationship. However, as there were no children yet and they preferred keeping their private lives separate, she preferred not to disclose personal details regarding them.

She enjoyed horror films, appearing in several independent movies including Zombiegeddon, Ghost Tour and Severe Injuries. Additionally she hosted Rated K on Nickelodeon.

Even with her best efforts, disease eventually took hold and she passed away on August 13, 2022 at 49. She had been diagnosed with stage four endocervical adenocarcinoma.

Griggs was an avid philanthropist who gave generously to various causes. Her name even appeared on the credits of one of the movies she worked on prepping for. To help contribute in any way possible, click here and donate even as little as $1.00!

Net Worth

Griggs had an outstanding acting career and participated in many productions and hosted Nickelodeon’s show Rated K. She made astute investments in real estate to supplement her income stream and secure additional sources of income.

Robyn Griggs died of endocervical cancer stage 4 in August 2022 at 49 years old. She had been diagnosed in 2020.

Tippe Hedren and Peter Griffith raised Tracy alongside them. Tippe and Peter later divorced due to a disagreement regarding her career choice.

Since 2013, she and Mark Wiley have been happily married, raising three children together. For privacy purposes, however, the couple does not share pictures of their offspring on social media. Furthermore, actress Eva Green is deeply committed to philanthropy; regularly supporting charitable organizations by raising funds for them while also championing animal welfare causes.

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