Rebel Super Pop R

Rebel Super Pop R – The Next Generation of America’s Most Popular Topwater Lure

The Rebel super pop r is the next-generation of America’s favorite topwater lure, packed with premium components to keep fish on the hook. This latest edition to the Pop-R family features Rebel’s G-Finish decoration application which produces light reflections more accurately reflecting a real baitfish’s shape and size.

The G-Finish also enhances the lure’s color and depth of realism, enabling it to perform better in shallow waters and potentially attract larger bass.

This highly visible surface bait provides the kind of action that often results in explosive strikes. Its dressed rear treble features bright, light-attracting strands of glitter filament to add extra flash and draw fish in.

This versatile popper/chugger can be fished using various retrieves, such as walking the dog or using a spit and pop approach. Its variable speed capabilities enable anglers to customize their technique according to conditions and time of year when fishing.

The Super Pop-R, newly redesigned to be more streamlined and longer, is a larger version of the iconic Pop-R that has been winning bass anglers hundreds of thousands in tournaments for three decades. Its slim profile produces either a chugging, popping or walking action depending on how much force and speed is applied by angler during retrieve.

Since its creation by sixteen-time Bassmaster Classic Championship qualifier Zell Rowland, the Pop-R has become a must-have bait for topwater anglers worldwide. Dubbed “The Secret Bait of the Pros,” this lure has won numerous tournaments and become one of the most sought-after surface lures available today.

This lure comes in an array of colors, including four vibrant and fish-attracting options. Each lure features a hyper light-attracting strand of new glitter filament on the dress tail treble hook.

These lures are perfect for all types of topwater fishing. They can be trolled, jerked or jigged to produce a popper/chugger style of action that bass love.

They’re an excellent option for catching big bass on the surface and can be fished with various rods and reels. Troll in shallow water or work in deeper waters for big bass; they require minimal effort to maintain. Furthermore, these lures may appeal to anglers who don’t feel confident jigging due to their ease of maintenance requirements.

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