Real Housewives Reunion Show

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 12 Reunion Show

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 12 reunion will air on Wednesday night at 8 pm. Andy Cohen will host the reunion show. It will be split into three installments. He’ll start with the first episode on October 12. After that, he’ll host two more episodes on the same date.

There’s a lot to love about Bravo’s Real Housewives reunions. Throughout the history of the franchise, fans have had the chance to watch the casts face off, as well as discuss topics that range from family drama to death, and divorce to addiction. This week, fans will also be treated to a look at Crystal Kung Minkoff’s eating disorder and her son’s cyber bullying problems.

The episode aired on a shoestring, with a marble floor and hanging chandeliers. At one point, a clip was shown of Teresa Giudice’s aunt. Several of her cousins came on set and helped film the reunion.

In the first part of the reunion, Andy Cohen brought up the accusations of Erika Girardi’s social media rants, which he calls “hateful” and a “horror story.” Kyle Richards also took on the issue, stating that she’s had “the worst year of my life.” Brooks, who didn’t attend the reunion, apologized for her actions.

Another issue that took center stage during the reunion was Kathy Hilton’s numerous feuds with Lisa Vanderpump and Kim Richards. While Hilton has said she wants to be friends with her former rival, she’s also accused of referring to others as “pieces of s**t,” a term that she’s known to use to describe women in the Housewives. She also has feuds with many of her castmates, including Rinna, who has been called a “useless idiot.”

Aside from Lisa Vanderpump’s alleged abuse of power, the RHOBH reunion featured a number of other controversies. Brandi Glanville had a raging feud with Lisa, and her comments about her being “trashy” were particularly inflammatory. However, she didn’t want to bring up her slanderous remarks to the rest of the cast.

Paul “PK” Kemsley was the first Housewife on the RHOBH. He’s now married to Dorit Kemsley, but it wasn’t long before he was flashing her on camera. During the show, he also made comments about how Erika is “inherently cold” and that she doesn’t see humor in underwear.

Meanwhile, the cast filmed their reunion on 12 hours of camera time. Andy Cohen said it was a “long day” that included a pee break. Some of the cast were unable to make the reunion, but that didn’t bother them. And Bethenny Frankel wasn’t afraid of the first reunion.

Whether or not this reunion will be a success remains to be seen, but Bravo has a good reputation for delivering compelling reality television. They have brought together some of the best reality stars on the planet, and have been able to put them in the spotlight, with a variety of hot topics thrown into the mix.

Fans are looking forward to the final two parts of the reunion on October 26 and November 1. If you’re a fan of Bravo’s Real Housewives franchise, be sure to catch the season 12 reunion!

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