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Read Injustice: Gods Among Us

If you are looking for a great comic book series, then you should consider checking out Injustice: Gods Among Us. This is a popular comic book franchise that takes place in an alternate universe where Superman has taken over. It also features many of DC Comics’ characters, including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Harley Quinn. They all come to life in the series’ storyline.

You can find these books in several formats, such as print and digital. They are both available on Comixology and on other online stores. The digital versions are available for $0.99 a chapter, while the print versions are $3.99 for the original series and $2.99 for Year Two onwards.

These comics are also available in trade waiting format and as part of a larger collection that collects six issues. Currently, Injustice: Gods Among Us is being published twice a month. Originally, it was only available as a six-issue miniseries. However, it has since been re-released in larger collections that contain all of the comic’s chapters. Some of the comic’s writers are Tom Taylor, Rain Beredo, and Roge Antonio.

Since its release, Injustice has spawned half a dozen spinoff comic book series. While each series has its own unique story, they all take place in the same fictional world, based on the video game of the same name.

The first storyline of this spinoff is set in the time period of the video game. During this time, the heroes of parallel Earth arrive to tip the balance against Superman’s totalitarian regime. A few characters, such as Hawkman, join the resistance movement, while others, such as Doctor Fate, John Constantine, and Zatanna, help the Insurgency.

The second storyline is set during the aftermath of the video game. It focuses on Harley Quinn and her newfound allies. At the same time, Amanda Waller recruits a new Suicide Squad. During this time, Superman and Batman begin to fall apart. Both have personal crises that they must deal with. There are not enough allies to stop them, and Harley finds herself in the custody of Amanda Waller.

This is a tragic and heartbreaking story. Wonder Woman is a different Wonder Woman, but she is still vulnerable to Superman’s brutal vision. Unlike other Wonder Women, her home is Themyscira, and she has been captured there after the overthrow of Superman’s rule. She may have lost her Joker Clan, and perhaps Luthor’s super pills.

All of these comics take place in the same fictional universe as the Injustice video game, and the events in the comics are based on the short story from the game. Each story is written by a different writer, and is illustrated by a different artist. When the two storylines come together in the final issue of the series, the reader learns of the fate of Batman and Wonder Woman.

The first year of this series is called Injustice Year One, and it is not included in any of the collected editions. However, you can find this year’s version in two omnibus editions. As for the rest of the years, they are divided into five “Complete Collections.”

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