Raquel Capelton

Raquel Capelton – A Celebrity Wife

Raquel Capelton is an esteemed celebrity wife. As the foundation of his success, Raquel has always provided him with encouragement and dedication.

She serves as an example of the often undervalued role of housewives. Her nurturing nature serves as the cornerstone of her family, strengthening its bonds and creating a sense of community.

Early Life and Education

Raquel Capelton is an American celebrity wife best known for being Eddie Levert’s partner and mother to his sons Gerald and Sean.

Capelton has kept her personal life private; however, the success and failures of her husband has provided strength and comfort to her.

Her father Edward Willis Levert was an esteemed musician and songwriter who helped shape Canton, Ohio’s soul music. As one of four founding members of The Triumphs he went on to perform around the US and abroad with other prominent groups like The Temptations.

Professional Career

Raquel Capelton is a celebrity spouse best known for her husband’s musical talent. Taking advantage of this fame and success to help the community and make a positive difference in people’s lives.

She has made an invaluable contribution to her family by being an attentive homemaker and nurturing individual, setting an exemplary example for how the often underappreciated job of housewives is essential to keeping family units strong.

She is the mother of Gerald and Sean Levert as well as Ryan Levert and Kandice Brooks; Ryan also counts Ryan Levert among her stepchildren. Eddie Levert, her husband since 2005, is an esteemed singer-songwriter best known as lead singer of preeminent Philly soul group The O’Jays; in addition to acting, he’s appeared in many movies and TV shows. She and Eddie share two sons together – Gerald (10) and Sean (15).

Achievement and Honors

Raquel Capelton is an inspiring woman whose contributions may be overshadowed by her husband’s fame and success, but she has managed to carve out her own path. She has accomplished much while showing courage, fortitude, and unwavering support for her partner – Raquel serves as an outstanding example of motherhood and marriage.

She serves as the cornerstone of her family, cultivating close ties and instilling a sense of community within their circle. Additionally, she champions charitable projects while still managing her career in entertainment – an example of true partnership at work! Their marriage serves as a model of devotion, love, and commitment which endures through success and setback alike – truly reflective of true partnership!

Personal Life

She is a family-focused woman and treasures the relationship with her husband. She attends his performances, awards presentations and public appearances while efficiently handling household duties – acting as his support system during an otherwise hectic schedule.

Since 2005, she and her husband have been married. Their daughter is currently a teenager who is following in her father’s musical footsteps; in fact she recorded an original track entitled Stupid People with him!

Capelton is well known as Eddie Levert’s celebrity wife. She has stood by his side through his career journey and remains instrumental to their devoted marriage. Her maternal instinct has played an essential part in his success and their bond remains undivided today.

Net Worth

Raquel Capelton is one of the acclaimed American celebrity wives who found herself in the public eye upon marrying an acclaimed singer – Edward Willis Levert (known as Eddie), is known for his contributions to R&B/soul music over his extensive career and won various awards during that period. She and Edward together are now parents.

Singer and performer, his life is an impressive blend of artistic brilliance and humanitarian activism. As part of Philadelphia soul group O’Jays he has also made waves around the world.

Gerald and Sean Levert from his previous marriage. Since marrying Raquel, the couple have given birth to Ryan who has followed in his father’s footsteps by recording a song called Stupid People.

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