Racing Jacks

NASCAR Racing Jacks

NASCAR pit crews use highly specialized jacks made of high-grade aluminum that meet stringent specifications.

These car jacks feature a horseshoe shape in which their handle pivots, enabling it to quickly get under any car quickly and efficiently.

They feature a quick-drop mechanism that saves valuable seconds during race stops.

Early Life and Education

Jack began racing as a child, gradually building his racing career as an adult. To hone his mechanical expertise he worked on cars and trucks.

Jack trained horses for some of the top horsemen in the industry, such as 1964 All American Futurity winner Decketta, 1967 All American winner Laico Bird and 1972 All American winner Possumjet. Additionally, he demonstrated his expertise by participating in rodeo circuit events roping calves and riding bulls.

After competing, Jack returned to school and began instructing at the Frank Hawley Drag Racing School, teaching more than 7,000 students. Jack is both a cancer survivor and honorably discharged sergeant of the United States Air Force; along with Valerie, they make it their mission to share their passion of racing with younger generations.

Achievement and Honors

Pit Boss one-pump aluminum racing jack was first developed out of necessity when founder John Bickford’s stepson Jeff Gordon won the 1995 NASCAR Winston Cup championship with Hendrick Motorsports team Hendrick Motorsports. BMG Designs continues to produce these high-quality race jacks for various racing teams and also produces Shop Boss garage jacks made from high quality aluminum with tight tolerances and the same meticulous attention to detail found in their race counterparts – these garage jacks are built to last.

Personal Life

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Jack has used his passion and savvy to become a force in greyhound racing industry. He has promoted it in California and Nevada while teaching over 7,000 students at Frank Hawley Drag Racing School where he also serves as instructor. Furthermore, Jack volunteers his time to the Infinite Hero Foundation race team which raises money for wounded soldiers through Infinite Hero Foundation race team race team as instructor as well as being former Sargent in U.S. Air Force as Sergeant before publishing “Racing Life Magazine”, featuring such stud dogs as Ebony Power and Kiowa Hustler among many others!

Net Worth

Racing jacks are hydraulic lifting devices with pumping action designed to quickly lift vehicles. Often containing dual pump pistons for even faster lifting action and can be constructed of aluminium or steel for durability and convenience.

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