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Quinn Glover provides estate and gift planning strategies to high-net-worth individuals and their families, and advises closely-held businesses owners on an array of corporate matters.

An individual convicted in the Mont Vernon attack that claimed one woman’s life and injured both of her daughters has reached an agreement with prosecutors, though he still faces at least 20 years behind bars.

Early Life and Education

Quinn (pronounced KWIN), with Irish roots and gender-neutral properties, can mean both wise and sage; alternatively it could also be considered an abbreviated version of Ceann or Conn – terms which mean head or chief respectively.

Quinn Glover, 18, who stands accused of helping his two partners murder Kimberly Cates and Jaimie Cates during a home invasion attack one year ago at their Mont Vernon residence, testified Thursday he heard their pleas. This testimony came against Steven Spader who is said to have used a machete during the assault against them both in Mont Vernon. He faced off against Quinn Glover as his witness against Steven Spader who is charged with wielding it during that attack that left both dead.

Glover, who wore an orange prison uniform, spoke in front of him with his fingers pressed together as he stared directly at Spader as was done throughout the trial; Spader in turn followed this lead and kept an eye on him throughout.

Professional Career

Quin never missed a game during his 10-year NFL safety career and earned himself the reputation as one of the league’s most dependable playmakers – amassing 740 tackles, 84 pass breakups and 24 interceptions along with making two Pro Bowl appearances.

He invested his money shrewdly and, according to an ESPN story, lived off only 30% of his NFL salary while investing the remaining 70%, often in publicly-traded stocks.

William Marks and Quinn Glover, two teens who helped plan the fatal home invasion in New Hampshire that left Kimberly Cates dead and her daughter severely injured, were sentenced to decades behind bars on Monday. Although neither actually participated in the assault themselves, prosecutors contend they contributed significantly in orchestrating an elaborate burglary scheme which ultimately resulted in Cates’s death and her daughter suffering serious injuries as a result of it.

Achievement and Honors

At sophomore level, he earned Honorable Mention on the All Mountain West Conference team for his contributions as a defensive back, helping Lobos allow just one touchdown all season while leading all league players with 12 pass break ups.

Glover agreed to cooperate with prosecutors in exchange for a proposed sentence of 20-40 years in prison and testify at their trials against Gribble, Marks, and Spader.

Christopher and Billy were shot in their heads during the attack, while Jaimie was repeatedly stabbed. She lost part of her foot and suffered traumatic brain injury as a result. Glover was arrested first in connection with these crimes, and will be arraigned Wednesday to face first-degree murder and other charges.

Personal Life

Christa Dacus and her 17-year-old daughter had read extensively online coverage of the Mont Vernon shooting that left Kimberly Cates dead and her young daughter severely injured, correctly identifying Christopher Gribble and Quinn Glover – two 19 year-old suspects who they had identified as Christopher and Quinn respectively – as their suspects.

Glover testified that he heard Kimberly Cates and Jaimie Cates screaming and pleading, yet did nothing to intervene. Instead, he and co-defendants Steven Spader and Billy Marks planned on breaking into homes, killing their occupants, staying overnight and roasting/eating them before staging their bodies for media consumption.

Glover was sentenced to 20-40 years for burglary, robbery and conspiracy in connection with an attack that claimed 42-year-old Kimberly Cates’ life as well as injuring 11-year-old daughter Keira Cates but she remarkably survived by playing dead. A parole board has determined that Glover presented no disciplinary concerns during his incarceration period and believes he will likely receive full parole by 2029.

Net Worth

While other NFL players quickly spend through huge contracts, Quin has taken steps to prepare himself for life after football. He majored in business and knows the value of saving 70 percent of his take-home pay annually.

He invests only in companies that aim to change the world for the better, such as Health Warrior which makes food from chia seeds; PawTree which customizes pet nutrition; and PeerWell who provide patients prehab before joint replacement surgery in order to aid their recovery. He declined to reveal his full portfolio but shared some names with ESPN such as Health Warrior which produces food with chia seeds; PawTree which helps customize pet nutrition; and PeerWell who offer a mobile application designed to assist recovery after joint replacement surgery patients; PeerWell also help patients prepare prehab before surgery so their recovery goes smoother; some examples from among these pawTree; PawTree who help customizes pet nutrition; PeerWell is used by patients prehab before joint replacement surgery to speed recovery; PeerWell offers prehab before joint replacement surgery with its app providing patients prehab before surgery to aid recovery – these names he shared with ESPN such as Health Warrior food made of chia seeds; PawTree that customizes pet nutrition; PeerWell who provides prehab before joint replacement surgery for better recovery; PeerWell helps patients prehab before joint replacement surgery to help aid recovery more.

Shawn Glover maintains his personal life behind closed doors, not disclosing details regarding any relationships or current statuses – at present he remains single.

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