PJ Henry

Who is PJ Henry?

Pj Henry is a social psychologist specializing in stigma, group-based status and power issues, prejudice and racism. His research utilizes survey methodology and archival data in exploring these subjects. Currently based at New York University Abu Dhabi.

He previously played Division I basketball for Hartford University before making an appearance at Texas Southern HBCU.

Early Life and Education

Three 6-year-old children living normal lives by day become superheroes at night to fight crime as part of the PJ Masks team, featuring Catboy, Owlette and Gekko with help from sidekicks like PJ Robot and the PJ Pets.

Henry’s novel is lighthearted but tackles serious subjects, including accidental deaths, art forgery/theft/questionable adoptions/murder. It combines “dynamics of a thriller with lighthearted humor of a mystery”.

Klett commended Henry’s ease and choice characterization in Learning to Fly, calling the building tension “deliciously unbearable.” He recommended it to readers who liked her Claire Montrose novels.

Professional Career

Henry was an exceptional player throughout his career and one of his highlights came during his time at Arsenal where he won two league titles and three FA Cups while also being nominated twice for FIFA World Cunt of the Year award.

Henry entered the NCAA transfer portal according to 247Sports, making him eligible to start immediately at his new destination. Henry played an integral part in Texas Southern basketball’s success this year, leading them to win both the SWAC Tournament and make an NCAA Tournament bid.

Henry is an outstanding defensive end who has proven his worth in the Big 12 Conference. Highly regarded, his future looks bright.

Achievement and Honors

Pj Henry has written over 130 technical papers and holds 28 patents. From 1977 until 1997 he served on Bell Laboratories’ prestigious technical staff before being inducted into the National Academy of Sciences.

Henry’s research showed that discrete electron states could dramatically change a semiconductor’s optical absorption edge and, consequently, changed how lasers are manufactured and utilized today. His discovery revolutionized their production and usage.

Dr. Johnson has received many honors and awards throughout his career, such as being honored with the National Medal of Technology – America’s highest accolade for technological achievement – as well as becoming a Fellow of the American Physical Society.

Personal Life

PJ is also an outspoken queer activist and serves on the board of arts organization OUTsider. He directed community videos for them as well as part of the award winning documentary short Stories Within at 2022 DisOrient Film Festival – receiving recognition as both Guggenheim and Firelight Media Fellow as well as being accepted into 2021 Soros Justice Fellowship.

Psychologer PJ Henry studies social dynamics, especially stigma and group-based status and power issues. His current research program centers around gendered roles as contributing factors to social inequality as well as violence and discrimination.

As cinematographer, PJ shot the feature film TRINIDAD which examines Trinidad’s transition from Wild West outpost to “sex change capital of the world”, earning praise from Manohla Dargis of The New York Times as “SUPERB”. Additionally, he shot an ITVS-supported documentary called BEFORE YOU KNOW IT about three gay senior men that premiered at SXSW and won Audience Awards from Reeling Chicago LGBT Film Festival and Montreal’s image + nation 26 Film Festival.

Net Worth

As of 2023, PJ Henry is estimated to have an estimated net worth of approximately $4.5 Million. His income sources include professional wrestling, PPV appearances, brand promotions and weightlifting.

Calculating your net worth requires listing all of your assets (like stocks and real estate), subtracting all liabilities like mortgage payments, car loans and credit card balances; this gives you your net worth which can increase or decrease depending on how you invest your funds.

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