Phillip Sheppard Net Worth

Phillip Sheppard is a veteran and former federal agent from the US Army who has appeared on Survivor reality TV show. Additionally, he authored The Specialist: The Costa Rica Job novel published by ECW Press in 2013.

Sheppard attributes his success to hard work and perseverance. Additionally, he participates in many charitable causes.

Early Life and Education

Philip Sheppard was born March 12 in New York. He is an American reality television star known for appearing on two seasons of Survivor – Redemption Island and Caramoan. Additionally, he worked as a Federal Agent.

At fifty-five, Sheppard died of acute leukemia. Among his many accomplishments was ecological genetics – his specialization being natural selection’s impact on organisms such as butterflies, snails and humans.

Sheppard maintained throughout his time on Survivor that he was a former federal agent, which caused some doubt amongst his fellow contestants. At the live Survivor finale, however, Jeff Probst spoke to someone in the audience who knew Sheppard from his training for such work.

Professional Career

Phillip Sheppard is an influential Reality Star with an enormous social media following. This exposure and popularity has opened many doors for him, including collaborations with several brands and companies.

Sheppard has written multiple books detailing his time on the show and any associated controversy, as well as discussing racism and bullying after leaving. Furthermore, he has led efforts at CBS for greater diversity both on camera and off.

Sheppard competed in two seasons of Survivor, often upstaging his tribe with his bossy behavior and boasting of his past work experience as a federal agent. Unfortunately he ultimately lost to Boston Rob Mariano. Additionally he composed music for several movies and videos games including Detroit: Become Human and Meru (an award-winning documentary).

Achievement and Honors

Phillip Sheppard is a popular American reality star with a sizable following on social media. In past collaborations, he has gained more visibility through working with various brands and celebrities, which helped to boost his fame and grow his fan base.

Sheppard made two appearances in Survivor – both Redemption Island and Caramoan – as a contestant, becoming known for being a fan favorite on Bikal Tribe. However, he eventually was voted off on Day 28.

Sheppard has composed and produced music for many large-scale events during his career. Additionally, he has written and recorded numerous scores for film, television, and video game scores; these projects include Oscar-nominated documentaries such as In the Shadow of the Moon as well as tragic sports/war documentaries like Tillman Story and Love Marilyn.

Personal Life

Sheppard is a well-known Reality Star with an impressive social media following who uses his endeavors to provide for his family.

Two-time Survivor contestant Robert Wood has made his mark in entertainment. He has appeared on many popular shows and written multiple books.

He participated in Survivor: Redemption Island in 2011 and lost to Rob Mariano in the finals. As part of Ometepe tribe, he later featured in 20th season Survivor Caramoan (2013).

Sheppard was considered to be one of the favorite members of Bikal tribe; however, he was eventually voted off after 28 days. He is the brother of Rochester police chief James Sheppard; currently single.

Net Worth

Phillip Sheppard has amassed considerable wealth through his career. Through hard work and determination, he has become a celebrated star on social media. Additionally, he has collaborated with numerous brands and celebrities to expand his reach.

Veteran and CEO of a software company, Joe is best-known for his appearances on US reality show Survivor: Redemption Island and Caramoan. Additionally, he is best-known as being Rochester New York police chief’s brother as well as being a former federal agent.

He has composed music for numerous large scale and complex live events, conducting, musically directing and producing various projects such as London Olympic handover sequence as well as performing Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love for Olympic Games closing ceremony.

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