Percy Daniel

Percy Daniel

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This collection includes over 200 formal and informal photographs of Percy Daniel with family, friends, colleagues including Eudora Welty, Shelby Foote and Cleanth Brooks among others. Also included are letters and poems written to him during his life.

Early Life and Education

Percy Daniel was born illegitimate and spent his formative years in an orphanage before enrolling at Emmanuel College, Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada with an offer of scholarship study theology.

He wrote many books and articles covering various subjects. Additionally, he lectured and taught at a local college; during his free time he enjoyed golfing and hunting; in addition, his love for his family was strong.

In 1988 he published Is Socialism Doomed? The Meaning of Mitterand as an effective counterargument against the view that there was no viable alternative to capitalism. His final magnum opus, Whose Millennium? Theirs or Ours? was published by Monthly Review Press in 1999 and bears this name.

Professional Career

Percy wrote six novels and two book-length works of nonfiction that were published, in addition to numerous essays and reviews for publication. This collection holds drafts, notes and subject files related to these writings as well as others by Percy.

Percy’s collection consists of correspondence with writers and critics (including Shelby Foote, Caroline Gordon, Flannery O’Connor and Donald Barthelme) while subject files contain resource materials compiled by Percy on various topics.

In 1981, he wrote The Road to Gdansk, an account of the Polish uprising which led to Solidarnosc that was deeply personal for him and won him the National Book Award for fiction. Items received during 1982, 1989, and 1994 were filed with similar materials from his original deposit so as to easily identify its addition.

Achievement and Honors

His striking baby blue eyes and handsome face quickly propelled him to prominence among Sydney society circles. Along with wife Lileah, they were regulars in society columns of Sydney newspapers; together they owned a large house in an affluent suburb and enjoyed traveling and playing tennis together.

Percy was very involved in his community and served on many boards and committees. He served as president of Cedar Rapids Negro Civic Organization, Black Culture Advisory Board at Coe College, and Kirkwood Community College Board trustee.

He was an enthusiastic sports fan who supported local teams. Together with his wife, they were season ticket holders of both Jefferson High School’s football team and city minor league baseball club. Additionally, they donated their services to both Visiting Nurses Well-Baby Clinic and St Luke’s Hospital.

Personal Life

Commonly, a writer’s life can be divided into five distinct stages: Childhood and Education; Beginning a Career; Early Work; Establishment as an Established Writer; and Loss of Illusions. Daniel encompasses all five of these components plus more.

In 1949, he started publishing articles on politics and economics for the New Statesman magazine. Soon thereafter, his writing garnered the notice of The Economist magazine where he would remain for nineteen years before leaving it altogether.

Daniel painted watercolors throughout his life and also wrote. However, health issues rendered outdoor painting increasingly difficult for him and instead he photographed scenes he wanted to paint before recreating them in his studio – this led to many of his later paintings bearing two dates on them – one for when the slide was taken and another when the painting was completed.

Net Worth

His incredible physique gives him a lean and slim appearance. His stunning green eyes pair nicely with dark brown locks which he paints blonde.

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