Pauline Thomas

Pauline Thomas

Pauline was an exceptional all-rounder who never missed an opportunity. Additionally, she was an incredible friend who maintained deep and lifelong bonds with her School peers.

Her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren; as well as numerous nieces and nephews will miss her dearly.

Early Life and Education

Pauline hails from Grand Forks, North Dakota where she attended Grand Forks Central High School before going on to work at Skateland for 18 years and also for United Savings Credit Union and Carol Widman’s Candy.

Her sunny outlook on life quickly won over everyone she encountered. A devout member of St Rose Catholic Church and Red Hat Lady, she was also an excellent housekeeper who took great pleasure in caring for her Cincinnati nieces and nephews.

Pauline is self-taught and unafraid to experiment with her art, leading her to create works with genuine originality. Her art seeks to enhance reality rather than embellish it, sparking sensorial reflection while opening minds up to parallel realities.

Professional Career

Pauline Thomas was an outspoken proponent for working people and women alike, in particular. She championed protective legislation, equal pay and better working conditions – while regularly publishing articles in publications like New York Call and Labor Woman.

Her analytical approach to teaching nursing students has resulted in safe, skilled and competent professionals entering the profession. She currently serves as fulltime nurse instructor at St. Thomas University School of Nursing’s Undergraduate Nursing Program.

Pauline was recognized by many speakers at her retirement event, including Wendy Fields (current Acting CEO of Lloyd Park Centre) as well as staff from Lloyd Park Centre who shared wonderful memories from their time spent with Pauline.

Achievement and Honors

Pauline Thomas is an abstract artist renowned for her bold stylised paintings celebrating Welsh Landscapes as well as creating striking and thought-provoking works of art that can be found both privately and publicly collected throughout Europe and America. Her pieces can be found both privately and publicly curated collections worldwide.

Pauline quickly advanced within ABC, becoming one of the first female TV producers to travel overseas (for Osaka Expo 1970) and being part of Australia’s Olympic Team at Munich Olympic Games 1972.

She leaves behind three children – George Thomas, Richard Thomas and their wives Laurinda and Colleen as well as Beth Martin with Bob; five grandchildren, nine great-grandchildren as well as numerous nieces and nephews who miss her greatly. She was truly the pillar of their families and one of the finest grandmas anyone could ask for.

Personal Life

Pauline Thomas’ bold stylised paintings of Welsh landscapes are known for sparking debate, making them perfect additions to a modern home or innovative business environment.

Her work explores the grey zone between tenderness and violence, longing and indifference, with works having been displayed both individually and collectively across both Europe and Britain.

She was raised on a farm in Violet Hill, Arkansas before moving each year with her family as part of a migrant workforce to Yakima, Washington for agricultural fields work. She had two children and eight grandchildren as well as a great-granddaughter and numerous nieces and nephews to care for.

As she was predeceased by both husbands – Russell Tabbutt of Thomaston and Rex Thomas of Warren – they remain her heartbreaks.

Net Worth

She boasts a net worth estimated to be approximately $3 Million. She is an accomplished American actress and producer best known for playing John-Boy Walton in The Waltons as well as many other television series. Additionally, her songs have gained immense popularity worldwide and millions of people love her songs!

Austin Companies is an immensely successful business that specialises in residential electrical, concrete and HVAC trades for homes around the country. Her customer base spans the entire US.

She is an ardent supporter of conservative causes and has made over $6 Million in campaign contributions to the Republican Party. Additionally, she has two grandchildren whom she holds close.

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