Patrick Warburton Net Worth

Patrick Warburton has quickly made his mark in acting. A highly renowned American actor, he has appeared in countless TV shows and movies as well as voice acting for video games and commercials.

He reportedly boasts an estimated net worth of $30 Million and lives in Woodland Hills, California with his estimated home value estimated to be in the $1.8 Million range.

Early Life and Education

Patrick Warburton is a beloved actor and voice artist best known for his portrayal of David Puddy on Seinfeld for five seasons between 1991-1997. After leaving Seinfeld behind him he made numerous films such as Men in Black II.

Warburton has established himself as an award-winning voice actor who can be heard on animated shows and video games ranging from American Express, Bud Light, and Honda commercials to numerous animated series and videogames.

Warburton was born and raised in Huntington Beach, California. After attending Orange Coast College to study marine biology, but ultimately dropping out to pursue acting instead. He married Cathy Jennings and they have four children together.

Professional Career

Patrick Warburton first rose to fame during the early 1990s for his recurring role as David Puddy, Elaine Benes’ on-and-off lover on Seinfeld. Additionally, he played Eric in Dave’s World as well as having roles in films such as Men in Black II and Ted. Additionally, Patrick voiced Kronk from Emperor’s New Groove TV series as well as Joe Swanson from Family Guy TV series.

Patrick Warburton has become widely-renowned for his commercial appearances for American Express and Cadillac, among others. With his distinctive, deep voice he has found roles in film and television, video game voiceover work, voice acting lessons with numerous video game companies and even lending his voice as voice actor for various video game characters. Together with wife Cathy Jennings they are raising four children.

Achievement and Honors

Patrick Warburton is one of Hollywood’s best-known actors, known for his distinctive deep resonant voice and deadpan humor that have won him fans across film and television platforms.

John Charles Warburton Jr was born November 14th 1964 in Paterson, New Jersey to orthopedic surgeon John Charles Warburton Jr and Barbara Jeanne Gratz (an actress also known as Barbara Lord). He has three sisters named Mary, Lara and Megan who attended Saints Simon and Jude Catholic School before attending Servite High School in Anaheim California for secondary education before dropping out in order to pursue modeling and acting career instead. He studied marine biology for some time at Orange Coast College but ultimately chose modeling and acting over that career choice before dropping it altogether in favor of modeling/acting career path.

Seinfeld, The Tick and Family Guy have garnered him both critical acclaim and audience approval, and he is well known for commercials and video game voice-over work.

Personal Life

Patrick Warburton rose to fame through a variety of roles across numerous TV shows and films. Known for his deep voice and imposing physique, Patrick quickly became a fan favorite on shows such as Seinfeld, Rules of Engagement and The Tick.

His career began in the 1990s, when he made his first television appearance as David Puddy on Seinfeld. Later, he would star as Eric in Dave’s World before having an appearance in Men in Black II (2002 film).

He has also voiced many animated characters and had several commercial roles. Since 1991 he and Cathy Jennings have been married, together they are the parents of four children.

Net Worth

Patrick Warburton has established himself as an actor with both live action films and voice acting projects, including Skylanders and Call of Duty video games. His distinctive deep voice has allowed him to land roles in many popular movies and TV shows while providing voices for popular video game franchises such as Skylanders and Call of Duty.

He is best-known for his roles as David Puddy on Seinfeld and Eric on Dave’s World, though he has also appeared in other successful TV shows and movies, such as short-lived FOX series The Tick.

Warburton has amassed considerable wealth through his acting career and various commercial endorsements. Currently residing in Woodland Hills, California where his house is estimated to be valued at an estimated value of over $1.8 Million, Warburton boasts a net worth estimated to exceed $20 Million.

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