Patricia Henry

Patricia Henry – One of Four Recipients of the Nike Lifetime Achievement Award From Women Leaders in College Sports

Patricia Henry has served Harvard University Athletics Department as its Senior Associate Athletics Director since 2004, helping expand programming and financial support for women’s sports at the school. Recently she was honored with one of four 2022 Nike Lifetime Achievement Awards from Women Leaders in College Sports.

Henry is active both inside the athletic realm as well as community service – she serves on the CARES Board in South Ashland.

Early Life and Education

Patricia Henry was born in Suamico, Wisconsin. After attending Green Bay West High School and eventually UW-Madison, she met and later married Jerry – they eventually had three children and nine grandchildren together.

Henry has extensive experience working in amateur athletics at both national and international levels, serving as delegate to Taiwan Olympic Academy and lecturer at Korean Olympic Academy respectively.

She has assisted Harvard Radcliffe with the establishment of women’s athletic programs at Harvard Radcliffe and provided assistance for athletes while attending university. She has also served on visiting committees and advisory boards at other institutions.

Professional Career

In 2003, she and two others in her Philadelphia home were brutally murdered – her daughter and live-in partner both. Although initially believed to be an act of robbery gone wrong, investigators later determined it had actually been a deliberate attack of violence rather than simply burglary.

She has been a faculty member at her alma mater for more than 20 years and serves on multiple University committees. Additionally, she is a trustee emeritus.

She offers an integrative approach to counseling, combining cognitive behavioral, solution focused and mindfulness based theories into her practice. Her clinical specialties include anxiety and depression treatment as well as helping individuals address relationship problems. Additionally, she holds licenses in both DC and Maryland areas and works within employee assistance services.

Achievement and Honors

As Senior Associate Director of Harvard Athletics, Henry oversees one of the nation’s largest intercollegiate sports programs with 42 varsity teams. Under her guidance, women’s athletics at the university has advanced greatly due to her foundation of the Harvard Radcliffe Foundation for Women’s Athletics which enhances programming and financial support of these sports at Harvard.

Henry was instrumental in her relay team winning nine NCAA championships during their 17 years at Texas A&M, sending 30 athletes to the Olympics and winning four gold and two silver medals – with Bryce Deadmon earning 400m gold medal at Tokyo 2020 after being trained and mentored by Henry. Additionally, she served on both NCAA Men’s Swimming Committee as well as Eastern College Athletic Conference Executive Council executive council committees.

Personal Life

Pat was an avid reader and enjoyed spending her free time at her family beach cottage, crab picking, apple picking and crab/apple harvesting. Together with her husband Bill, they strived to be frugal by purchasing goods only with cash; additionally they made their wedding cakes themselves as well as homemade peanut brittle in order to save money.

At one point, she became involved with amateur athletics at a university level and her efforts helped bring the 2006 NCAA Women’s Final Four to Boston.

Metcalff admitted to murdering Henry in November 2017, was sentenced to 22 years and will not become eligible for parole until 2028. Previously he committed several assaults and rapes against multiple other women and has not been eligible for parole since his conviction in November 2017 at SCI Forest State Prison Marienville Pennsylvania.

Net Worth

Patricia Henry has long been involved with charitable giving, supporting numerous causes. Additionally, she serves on both Gettysburg College’s visiting committee and advisory board as an active member.

She was also involved in the investigation of a fraudulent scheme to unlawfully gain money from the U.S. Treasury by filing fake federal income tax refund claims under various individuals’ names using their own Social Security numbers. Together with Phiona Henry as co-defendant(s), she and another defendant tried to unlawfully gain funds from this source by filing fake returns with fraudulent Social Security numbers for individuals.

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