Olivia Daniels

Olivia Daniels

Olivia Daniels is an associate in Latham & Watkins’ New York office and brings with her expertise in international human rights as well as her love for art.

Olivia joined Alisa Watts’ social clique at high school, playing striker for their crosstown rival, the Lady Sharks. While Olivia wasn’t known for her soccer skills, she made friends easily by socialising.

Early Life and Education

Olivia Daniels developed a love of theater early on in life and has always been involved with arts activities. At Eastern New Mexico University in Portales, NM she studies education with aspirations to becoming an elementary and special education teacher.

Olivia is an active participant on campus’ Lady Sharks soccer team and tends to cling closely, often intimidating rivals such as Alisa Watts of Decker State College’s Lady Raptors soccer team.

Olivia recently traveled to North Devon, England, in order to research the history of Elizabethan emigrants who settled Roanoke Island in 1585 from Elizabethan England. Her goal is to unravel some of the mystery that surrounds their disappearance and thus shed some light onto this ongoing mystery. Four centuries of “coincidental” historical threads on both sides of the Atlantic allowed Olivia the ability to study this longstanding puzzle.

Professional Career

Olivia Daniels is a former G4 television host and actress. She has appeared in multiple films such as Big Stan (2007) and Date Night (2010) as well as Deliver Us From Evil (2014) and Mortdecai (2015), playing Psylocke in Marvel’s X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) film series.

Olivia is an associate in Latham & Watkins’ New York office. She has previously held positions as law student representative of their Transnational Legal Clinic, legal intern of US Attorney for Southern District of New York Office, guest commentator on Fox Sports Radio Network as well as avid runner promoting environmental and sustainability initiatives.

Achievement and Honors

Olivia Daniels is a student at Malibu State College and plays on their Lady Sharks soccer team, boasting numerous achievements during her time there. Olivia has received many honors during her career at MSC.

She is also a proud member of Phi Psi Sorority and works part time at Hoober Inc and Daniels Family Farm. With a deep-seated passion for environmental sustainability efforts at her school, she actively participates in its efforts.

Olivia Daniels was raised privilegedly by Trent and Carey Daniels, and often gravitated toward social cliques dominated by queen bees such as Alisa Watts. When Olivia met Deidre Howard on the soccer team she quickly attempted to befriend her even though they competed fiercely on the pitch; over time their rivalry turned into friendship off it.

Personal Life

Olivia Daniels is a college student who plays striker for her school’s Lady Sharks soccer team. She holds a longstanding rivalry with Decker State College Raptors across town and frequently picks on Diane Cruz who she labels “chubs”.

Olivia was raised wealthy as the result of her parents’ business connections, so she often gravitates toward social cliques of queen bees like Alisa Watts from the Raptors. After meeting Deidre Howard at Sharks tryout day and becoming immediately attracted to her, Olivia quickly fell for Deidre. Deidre accepted Olivia back into Victoria Towers where they would later cohabitate together before eventually sleeping together at night.

Four centuries of seemingly coincidental historical threads have come together perfectly on both sides of the Atlantic for Olivia to study and research Roanoke – where her journey begins.

Net Worth

Olivia Rodrigo has become one of the most recognized singers in her field with many hit songs and projects under her belt, and multiple awards.

As well as making her mark on television, she has also established herself in film through appearances in Tron: Legacy, Cowboys & Aliens and The Change-Up.

She boasts an expansive social media following and is quite active in public life, acting as both an activist for women’s rights as well as Fair Foods and Parenthood; taking part in protests and marches and championing Time’s Up movement advocacy; fashion icon with her own line of jeans designed by her, popular TikTok celebrity status with huge following on TikTok;

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