Oliver Woodward

Oliver Woodward

Oliver Holmes Woodward (8 October 1885 – 24 August 1966) was a mining engineer and metallurgist who was honored with two bar citations during World War I, earning himself the Military Cross with Two Bars award. His story can be found in the 2010 movie Beneath Hill 60.

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Early Life and Education

Woodward was an active member and leader in his community, serving on both the school board and as past commander of Neosho Falls Post of Grand Army of the Republic. Additionally, he held membership at Tuscan Lodge No. 82 of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons where he held several master positions during his membership tenure there.

Oliver Woodward earned the Military Cross with two bars for his service during World War I. This remarkable story can be found in the 2010 film Beneath Hill 60. Woodward worked as both a metallurgist and mine manager during his wartime service.

His parents noted how much kindness their son showed those he came into contact with, including fraternity brothers he visited during a trip to Jamaica with Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. On this trip, they recall him volunteering his time to help those in need while also enjoying spending time with family and friends.

Professional Career

Woodward made his professional debut as an actor in repertory companies throughout England and Scotland. Later, he appeared in film and television productions – becoming well-known to a wider audience through Callan (1967).

Oliver Woodward earned the Military Cross with two bars during World War I as an award for his contributions as a mining metallurgist and mine manager with North Broken Hill Company, in addition to being an accomplished tunneller as part of 1st Tunnelling Company.

Later he made brief appearances on CBS series Over My Dead Body and Crusade from Babylon 5 with Peter as regular cast member; both programs featured his veteran flight instructor status with an active CAP command pilot rating.

Achievement and Honors

Oliver Woodward was one of the most celebrated and influential journalists of his era, earning acclaim for tirelessly searching out truth. His innovative AP Fact Checks held powerful figures accountable long before they became standard practice within journalism.

He earned the Military Cross with Two Bars during World War I for his efforts in tunnelling beneath Ypres, was mentioned in Despatches, and awarded Companionship of St Michael and St George for services rendered to mining and metallurgy.

He was an enthusiastic supporter of the University of Georgia and their sports teams, according to Julia Woodward who reported he never removed his Georgia jersey and wanted to drive himself and Julia Woodward on game days as soon as he obtained his driver’s license.

Personal Life

Oliver Woodward was an English metallurgist and mine manager who received the Military Cross with two Bars for his tunnelling activities at Ypres Salient during World War I. Additionally, he was mentioned in despatches – equivalent to today’s commendation for gallantry.

His hardworking nature and kindness had a lasting impression on his family, friends and church community. He would often go the extra mile to assist others despite feeling hurt himself.

Oliver’s legacy lives on at the University of Georgia, where his family and friends have created an annual scholarship in his name to recognize those students who exhibit qualities Oliver highly admired – qualities such as generosity, empathy, leadership skills and perseverance – which embody his spirit. The recipient represents Oliver’s commitment to giving back and helping others.

Net Worth

Woodward first appeared on American television screens as British ex-secret agent Robert McCall on The Equalizer in 1985 until its conclusion in 1989. Additionally, he has appeared in many other series like Callan, Irish RM Pie in the Sky and New Tricks.

Woodward achieved his greatest publishing success with All the President’s Men, his account of Watergate scandal and Nixon’s downfall. This book sold millions of copies and remains an essential classic.

Woodward’s most recent book, Fear, recounting turmoil inside of Trump administration was an instantaneous best seller and has remained on bestseller lists for two months since. Simon & Schuster saw its record fastest-selling title as well.

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