Oliver Backpack

Oliver Backpack – A Stylish Bag That Brings a Smile to Your Face

A Modern Backpack to Bring Joy This contemporary backpack is perfectly designed to hold an iPad, cosmetic case, phone, cash and credit cards – everything you need for an exciting day ahead!

The meeting unfolded like an episode of Seinfeld without fancy financials or power point presentations, yet proved to be exactly the right move for Fuller’s new business venture.

Early Life and Education

Oliver Backpack was born in Boston on what is now Bosworth Street on July 12, 1841 to an abolitionist family with a lawyer father who taught him the value of giving back to the community and joined African Methodist Episcopal Church as well.

After an unsuccessful marketing career, Oliver decided to attempt his luck at entrepreneurship. He founded ESPEROS Clothing Company and has seen it become one of the premier socially responsible clothing lines. Through this experience he learned both the significance of design as well as how challenging entrepreneurship could be.

Professional Career

Oliver is a contemporary luxury womenswear designer dedicated to ethical fashion design. He studied at Central Saint Martins, has experience assisting design teams in London and NYC and works directly with factories when creating his collections.

He returned to the Pirates in 1976 as a regular center fielder but quickly transitioned into pinch hitting and pinch batting specialist mode the following season due to bone spurs. By 1981 he was once more designated a designated hitter (DH), becoming an AL All-Star.

Oliver remains close with fellow Georgia Tech great Larry Hisle. Now focused on family matters – including raising his young son – Oliver also continues making an impactful mark in Portsmouth, Ohio where he currently resides.

Achievement and Honors

Oliver serves on the Board of Directors at Backpack Wine in Oak Brook, Illinois – an Oak Brook-based wine and spirits retailer he brings over two decades of industry experience as a leader at Sokol Blosser Winery, Vintus Wine Group and Crimson Wine Group.

Backpack Wine recently appointed Oliver as its Vice President of Sales – an entirely new role within their organization. Oliver will be responsible for devising and executing Backpack’s growth strategy in East United States regions.

Oliver Co is committed to sustainability and ethics throughout their business practices, not only when designing its product lines. They have begun the process of becoming a B Corporation, an organization which recognizes companies that operate sustainably, ethically, and transparently; furthermore they support 1% for the Planet which collaborates with environmental nonprofits focused on urgent environmental issues.

Personal Life

Oliver can often come off as arrogant and make rude remarks towards those around him, particularly his family members. Furthermore, Oliver is highly materialistic; often preoccupied with money and possessions; yet is extremely caring toward Cooper Bradford (his best friend).

Young teen launched a Buy a Backpack campaign for Ukrainian War Refugees living in Poland, asking for donations to purchase and fill backpacks with essential clothing items, educational supplies, toys, games and candy. He managed to raise enough funds and load three trucks with bags that will deliver directly to children.

Paul reluctantly accepts, although Paul pulls out a Tupperware container containing a turtle for him to demonstrate the assignment for Humanities class. When Paul arrives home and sees this turtle he asks to leave, but reluctantly agrees as Paul had given an orderly demonstration earlier.

Net Worth

No matter if you’re an adventure-minded traveler, student, or busy parent; this hands-free backpack has you covered. Crafted of high-quality vegan leather for durability and lightweight usage. Machine washable too.

If you follow Shark Tank, chances are you saw Sue Fuller’s pitch for funding her handbag business on Episode 14 of Season 7 — she immediately won over Barbara Corcoran and Mark Cuban with her cheeky marketing strategy and bold approach to funding.

She introduced sharks to seniors living in a retirement community who helped knit Oliver Thomas Handbags for her. Although Fuller still hosts videos on how to create the ideal backpacks on YouTube, Oliver Thomas Handbags closed for business in 2017. Fuller has continued posting tutorials about making Oliver Thomas Handbags available through YouTube videos on how to make one yourself.

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