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Olive & Cocoa Olive Trays

Relish Trays are classic appetizer trays featuring fresh vegetables and store-bought pickles from your local grocer, combined with some decadent dips for added flair. From traditional baby dills to adventurous garlicky dilly beans or even giardiniera pickles – Relish Trays will not fail to delight guests!

This white porcelain tray boasts a modern curved design that complements most decors. Additionally, its long and narrow shape makes it easy for guests to serve themselves olives, berries, or nuts from its generous surface area.

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Olive oil has many therapeutic advantages for human health. It can reduce risk for heart disease and cancer while improving overall well-being; in addition, its antioxidants protect skin from UV radiation damage while it acts as an excellent moisturizer.

Professional Career

Olive trays are essential tabletop pieces, serving an assortment of appetizers and snacks in style. Olive & Cocoa offers an impressive collection of charcuterie boards and olive trays perfect for every special event and special occasion – make the momentous gift choice yours today.

This chic white porcelain olive tray boasts a modern, minimalistic design that complements many decors and is dishwasher safe. The narrow design makes it easier for guests to serve themselves olives, nuts and berries on it; plus its narrow shape allows it to fit under narrow tables! Plus, with each purchase supporting local Kenyan artisans by purchasing handcrafted wooden pieces with distinct features and colors hand carved by local artisans themselves; each purchase helps support these artists as well as their families!

Achievement and Honors

Recalling our fondest Thanksgiving memories, we remember snacking on olives and other nibbles while waiting for our Thanksgiving turkey and trimmings to finish cooking on a Relish Tray filled with olives – now this divided serving tray can bring this tradition into modern entertaining!

This elegant porcelain dish boasts a contemporary design that fits in nicely with most decors. The raised sides make this piece great for displaying cheeses, vegetables and appetizers alike.

Handcrafted in Kenya by expert Kamba wood carvers, this serving tray is handcrafted using heavy, dense and beautifully grained wild olive wood native to East Africa, known for its durability and distinctive grain patterns. Each artisan is compensated according to their actual work value so their earnings can go toward paying school fees for their children or providing food on the table.

Personal Life

Relish trays are an affordable and easy way to serve snacks. You can make one out of ingredients from your refrigerator, such as pickled vegetables and olives that you already have; alternatively, there are various kinds available at grocery stores like giardiniera and dilly beans.

Olive oil’s polyphenol and antioxidant components may help address several health concerns, according to studies at the University of Jaen. In particular, researchers discovered that regular consumers experienced less symptoms associated with fibromyalgia and other rheumatic conditions. Olive oil also can lower cholesterol levels, decrease triglycerides levels and protect against diabetes.

Olive oil can also be used to moisturize dry elbows and feet, or as a gentle makeup remover. Furthermore, its soothing qualities can soothe sunburns or treat rashes.

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