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Health Benefits of Olive Oil

Olive oil can be one of the easiest and simplest ways to improve your health, helping reduce inflammation thanks to its oleocanthal compounds.

Finding the ideal olive oil among an overwhelming selection of bottles with differing price points can be challenging, so we consulted experts for their tips.

Early Life and Education

Early care and education (ECCE) provides children between birth to eight years old a unique window of opportunity, supporting upward mobility, improving child development while simultaneously protecting family finances and community wellbeing.

UNESCO recognizes that investing in children’s wellbeing during this stage is one of the most cost-effective investments that nations can make, helping promote brain development, lifelong learning and social cohesion.

Research into early childhood education presents us with an intriguing paradox. Studies show that, even when programs are effective at improving child outcomes, their effects may not come solely from educational interventions but may come instead from health interventions like nutrition, mental health services, parenting support services and screening for conditions like diabetes and anemia.

Net Worth

Net worth can provide an accurate measure of one’s financial health when monitored on an ongoing basis. Your net worth represents the sum total of all of your assets (cash savings, investments and home value), less the debts owed against you (credit card balances, mortgage and car loans etc).

Be sure to include all of your assets, even those without clear values such as artwork and jewelry, along with any outstanding debt such as credit card balances, medical bills or unpaid taxes. Once you know your net worth, creating budgets, encouraging wise spending practices and motivating yourself to pay down debt and save will become much simpler.

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