Olive Rake

The Olive Rake

This olive rake was specifically created to accelerate manual harvesting time. Equipped with high frequency oscillation and special “oval” comb movement, this machine makes difficult olive harvests quicker while simultaneously protecting its surroundings from damage.

Plastic rake head with 9 soft plastic fingers designed to harvest olives without using ladders. Hollow mounting socket can accommodate a handle (not included).

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Professional Career

Professional olive rakes are essential tools for large-scale olive harvesters. While manual harvesting requires long hours and requires potentially hazardous ladders to harvest each tree individually, this device quickly harvests all olives off one tree in minutes.

Combining advanced mechanical, electrical and electronic technologies for harvesting olives faster and easier. It is ideal for rough terrain as well as dense olive trees with thick foliage; and its silent engine ensures low vibration levels to lessen operator fatigue.

The plastic rake head features nine soft-plastic fingers to increase harvesting efficiency. It can be used either hand-held or mounted onto a pole with its hollow mounting socket that accommodates for handles, and features smooth round fingers that minimize crop damage.

Achievement and Honors

This rake features fan-shaped teeth designed to mimic human hand movement and makes it suitable for small olive groves and plants with less dense foliage. Furthermore, its low battery power consumption and minimal vibration output enable long working days without hand/arm fatigue for its operator.

The new beaters feature heads crafted from cutting-edge materials that are particularly delicate, helping prevent damage to olives and plants while being lightweight enough to reduce arm and shoulder strain.

Olive has expanded its presence to address healthcare challenges like prior authorization and operating room automation with an empathetic approach known as its “superhuman sidekick.” Olive can now be found at over 900 hospitals – including most of the top 20 U.S. health systems – across America.

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Instead of the time-consuming manual harvesters that require ladders to access a tree for harvesting, this electric shaker rake will quickly comb each tree within minutes – perfect for olive orchards with limited people available to assist with manual harvesting.

The plastic rake head features nine soft plastic fingers designed to protect hands and minimise crop damage, making this tool convenient to use with minimal crop loss. You can either hold it by hand, or the hollow mounting socket can accommodate an optional handle; additionally, this mobile tool can even be fitted with a battery pack to enable complete portability.

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Healthcare automation startup Olive announced on May 29 that they have raised $400 Million from Vista Equity Partners to expand their products such as their enterprise AI for hospitals, which specializes in prior authorization and in-the-operating room analysis of surgical performance. The investment will allow Olive to increase its valuation to $4 Billion. This funding round was led by Vista Equity Partners and will allow Olive to scale further.

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