Olive Picks

Olive Picks

Olive picks (also referred to as cocktail skewers) are sleek bar tools designed to spear garnishes such as cherries, cocktail onions and citrus peels for an impressive presentation. Made of stainless steel material for ease of cleaning purposes and dishwasher-safe operation.

Kitschy and colorful, this set of six olive-topped cocktail picks is sure to become a party hit. Each comes in its own distinctive holder.

Achievement and Honors

If you enjoy mixing cocktails at home, decorative olive picks can make an excellent addition to your bar. Not only can they spear cheese and fruits for appetizers; their high-quality stainless steel construction comes equipped with acrylic olive heads – they’re an extra fun and unique touch for parties as well.

Decorative olive picks come in various designs and materials, such as stainless steel, bamboo and plastic. Find one that best reflects your personal taste and how you intend to use it; for instance if entertaining large groups regularly will require multiple sets. Sterling silver picks require extra care but make a classic and elegant statement piece.

Personal Life

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This stylish olive pick set is an ideal way to serve appetizers or cocktails at home, featuring a stainless steel shaft with acrylic olive topper. Each one is different, making it easy for your guests to identify their drink.

This cocktail pick features a forked tip designed to spear your garnishes. Constructed of polyresin with realistic appearance, its olive looks deceptively tasty! Perfect for Martinis or drinks served up, and perfect for Bloody Marys featuring celery pickles olives and bacon garnishes as well. Easy cleanup makes this food-grade pick an essential component.

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