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Olive Notebook Review

The olive notebook has taken the stationery nerd community by storm. Everybody is singing its praises.

These stylish dotted notebooks feature ultra-thick 160gsm paper that allows you to use markers, gel pens and paint (watercolour or acrylic) without ghosting or bleeding through! Perfect for sketching ideas!

Bullet journals can also lay flat when opened, making them perfect for bullet journaling. Available in both regular and passport sizes with back pockets included.

Early Life and Education

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Bonnie Kuhl created Archer & Olive as a way of solving her own challenge: finding notebooks suitable for painting and writing with pens and markers. Using wedding invitation money earned, Bonnie experimented until she found what she was searching for: thick paper that wouldn’t ghost or bleed, an inconspicuous grid guide providing boxes for drawing purposes, and enough pages that provided value for money spent.

These notebooks all boast 160gsm paper that feels luxurious to the touch, lays flat, and includes a dot grid. There are lined and blank versions, plus the Neopolitan Journal in black paper for your choosing!

Professional Career

Bonnie has created an olive notebook which has taken the bullet journaling community by storm. Packed with thick, no-ghosting, no-bleeding 160gsm paper for maximum writing and art creation, this book can be found on her website in A5 and B5 sizes as well as black/kraft versions.

Olive AI, located in Columbus, Ohio is an artificial intelligence software company offering full-time remote jobs to US applicants in business development and medical & health. Olive’s aim is to “humanize” artificial intelligence by delegating repetitive tasks to machines while freeing humans up for more intricate work that requires creativity and innovation.

Healthcare providers and patients need more than spreadsheets for effective care delivery and cost reduction, so the company has implemented AI-powered digital employees to optimize workflow. Their AI can reduce error rates and rework by helping maximize workflow efficiency and minimize administrative expenses by helping optimize workflow optimization and cutting administrative costs by billions annually.

Achievement and Honors

Olive notebooks have made waves within the bullet journaling community thanks to their super thick 160gsm paper that prevents ghosting and bleeding through markers, gel pens, watercolour and acrylic paint (particularly). You’re likely to come across multiple olive notebooks lined up on Instagram; their popularity among bujo enthusiasts worldwide cannot be denied!

Bonnie strives to design notebooks that meet various needs, offering A5 and B5 sized dot grid books as well as white, kraft and black-white-kraft paper options. She always listens carefully to feedback and is constantly coming up with new designs; I currently use her unlined pages featuring 0.5cm squares but am interested in exploring more sizes soon!

Personal Life

Bonnie Kuhl, owner of Archer and Olive Paper Studio, began journalling as a way to manage bipolar disorder and anxiety. It helped her organize her thoughts while simultaneously decreasing stress levels – an experience which empowered her to create her paper studio with the intention of helping other achieve similar feelings through journalling.

Their 160gsm paper has become an industry standard in bullet journal circles worldwide and boasts legions of supporters worldwide. Additionally, they also have dot grid notebooks featuring black paper, kraft paper and white-black-kraft (The Neopolitan). All pages lay flat.

These notebooks are loved for several reasons, including being female-owned, eco-conscious, customer service driven and emphasizing mental health awareness.

Net Worth

The Olive Notebook has quickly become one of the favorite notebooks of bullet journalists and stationery enthusiasts alike. Crafted with ultra-thick 160gsm paper that prevents ghosting and bleeding, its luxurious feel and flat opening make writing on it a delight; plus there are grid guides on both left pages as well as intentions pages with 36 dots across and 24 down dot grid pages which pass the fountain pen test without warping, warping or feathering around its nib. Available from Archer & Olive at just PS17 it costs PS17 but also offers Kraft notebooks as well as hybrid hybrid notebooks made of white-black-kraft hybrid notebooks!

Net worth tracking can be an exciting and motivating exercise that provides invaluable insight into your financial position and enables you to make smarter choices in the future.

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