Olive Latte

Olive Latte – Is it Good For Me?

Olive lattes have been growing increasingly popular and you may be asking yourself “Is it healthy for me?”.

Olive oil can help improve how quickly and efficiently you absorb caffeine, potentially helping lower blood pressure. Packed with heart-healthy monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats, using only high-quality olive oil is key.

Early Life and Education

Olive oil-laced lattes have recently taken the coffee world by storm. Not only are they delicious and packed full of nutrients, but their popularity also stands out among competitors as an emerging trend.

Starbucks is unveiling a new Olive Oil Infused Beverages line called Oleato that it hopes will appeal to health-conscious customers. The initial selection includes caffe lattes, Iced Shaken Espressos and cold foams made with Partanna extra virgin olive oil from a family-run farm in Sicily.

Howard Schultz experienced this Mediterranean tradition while on a visit to Sicily last year. Combining coffee with olive oil results in an unexpected velvety buttery flavor that lingers perfectly on the tongue.

Professional Career

Olive oil may seem an unlikely ingredient in your morning coffee, but Starbucks thinks otherwise. Recently, they introduced Oleato drinks which feature olive oil-infused drinks described as velvety smooth, delicately sweet, and luxuriously smooth textures.

Oleato drinks will soon be available in select markets worldwide, including the United States. On offer are an Oleato Caffe Latte made of blond espresso blended with Partanna extra virgin olive oil and oat milk; as well as Oleato Golden Foam Cold Brew featuring Partanna extra virgin olive oil-infused golden foam brewed iced espressos.

Customers can add olive oil presses to other beverages, including iced tea lattes and savory cappuccinos. Customers have their choice of milk types – low fat or non-dairy options won’t work due to insufficient fat content to properly dissolve the olive oil press into their beverage.

Achievement and Honors

Starbucks has attracted attention with their introduction of olive oil-infused beverages called Oleato. First released in Italy earlier this year and later introduced to California, Illinois, New York, and Washington states, Oleato can now be found across these four states.

Starbucks Reserve and Roastery locations now offer additional olio drinks such as an iced Cortado and deconstructed espresso martini that feature olive oil infusion. Infused latte, espresso and cold brew options include luxurious Partanna extra virgin olive oil with golden foam cascading slowly through dark roast. Additionally, each location will also offer additional drinks featuring this trend, such as an olive-infused Cortado or deconstructed martini with deconstructed espresso martini flavors!

Schultz developed this idea after speaking to an olive oil producer who suggested people consume one tablespoon of olive oil each day.

Personal Life

Adding fats to coffee isn’t a new trend; it has been around for decades, with butter and ghee being among the most widely used additions. “Bulletproof” founder Dave Asprey popularized a similar combination, pairing yak butter and MCT oil in his morning cup of joe.

Schultz found his inspiration for creating his Oleato line of beverages while traveling through Sicily and learning of its Mediterranean family tradition of taking a spoonful of olive oil with their coffee. Partnering with Partanna extra virgin olive oil provided further fuel for his creation of Oleato beverages.

When creating your own olive oil latte, always select high-quality extra virgin olive oil, which has undergone minimal processing and retains more of its essential fats. In addition, extra virgin olive oil features milder flavors that won’t overshadow your coffee experience.

Net Worth

Olive oil-infused coffee has recently emerged as an innovative trend. While its benefits may not compare with that found in bulletproof varieties, adding olive oil can still boost your health quotient and enhance the flavour.

Net worth, or “net asset value”, is defined as the difference between the dollar values of assets and liabilities at any one point in time, providing an indicator of your overall wealth. It provides an effective measure of financial health.

An increased net worth indicates financial strength and flexibility – two essential assets in today’s global marketplace. To increase it, work on decreasing debt while building savings.

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