Olive Cutter

Olive Cutter – A Plumber’s Best Friend

An olive is a small metal ring used in plumbing to seal compression fittings made of copper, brass or steel.

An olive cutter is the fastest and easiest way to remove olives from a pipe. They come in different sizes to match different pipe diameters and don’t deform copper pipes like an olive puller does.

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Maun olive cutters are a plumber’s go-to tool when it comes to safely removing existing compression olives, rings or ferrules from copper water pipes without damaging their pipework. Plus, they’re more accurate and simpler than hacksaws or olive pullers!

This adjustable olive cutter is an all-steel tool with twin hardened high-quality cutting blades designed for use with 15 and 22mm copper olives found in compression fittings. Using minimal hand force and no swarf-producing swarf production.

To use, unscrew the compression fitting and align the cutter over an old olive. Squeeze both handles to quickly extract it.

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Maun’s Olive Cutter is an ideal tool for quickly and safely extracting compression olives, rings or ferrules without damage to copper pipework. Featuring cutting blades hardened and tempered to HRC 45 for effortless use with minimum hand force; plus comfort grips; the tool comes in two sizes (15mm and 22mm).

An olive cutter is an indispensable tool for plumbers. This small handheld tool features twin sharp blades either side of its handle that are used to remove old olives from compression fittings on copper water pipes quickly and reliably compared to olive pullers which may damage them further.

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Olive cutters are specifically designed to work in tight spaces, using a plier-type tool that multiplies hand force 15 times to split an olive. Furthermore, this device features comfort grips and power tool attachment for those difficult-to-break olives clinging onto pipes or other objects.

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An olive cutter is a hand tool with sharp blades designed to cut existing copper olives attached to pipework quickly and without damaging underlying pipework, unlike olive pullers which damage their connection points. Olive cutters also take less time and space when used in tight places than pullers do.

The tool comprises two plier-style handles with sharp blades on either end. When placed over a copper olive and squeezed together, this blade cuts it without damaging its pipe. It can quickly remove 15mm and 22mm olives for removal, providing quick solutions.

It can also be used to remove rings and ferrules, with sizes tailored specifically to different pipe diameters.

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Maun’s Olive Cutter is a hand tool specifically designed to quickly and precisely cut olives (and rings or ferrules) off copper water pipe quickly and accurately without damaging the underlying pipe work. Constructed of high quality steel with cutting edges hardened and tempered to HRC 45 for increased cutting effectiveness and zinc-plated handles for greater durability, its high-leverage design multiplies hand force by 15 for reduced effort in tight spaces where other methods would have failed such as standard hacksaw or puller tools would fail.

An olive cutter is the most reliable and accurate way to remove compression olives, rings and ferrules from copper pipe. Available in various sizes to meet different pipe diameters, it provides more accurate and reliable cuts than hacksaws or olive pullers.

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