Norman Brown Net Worth

Norman Brown is a celebrated smooth jazz guitarist often compared to George Benson. He has released numerous successful albums such as Just Between Us, After the Storm (gold seller and Soul Train award winner), and Better Days Ahead.

He was born in Missouri on December 18th 1970 with a life path number 2. People on this path are motivated by community involvement and harmony with their surroundings.

Early Life and Education

Norman Brown is a Grammy Award-winning contemporary jazz guitarist and singer whose joy of creating music comes through loud and clear. At age eight he picked up his first guitar; quickly drawn to it after hearing it played by his brother at home acoustically. Early influences included Jimi Hendrix and the Isley Brothers but it was his father’s appreciation of Wes Montgomery that inspired him to pursue jazz guitar as his primary artform.

After graduating high school, he moved to Los Angeles where he attended the Musician’s Institute. In 1992 he released his debut album Just Between Us to great critical acclaim compared to George Benson.

Brown has distinguished himself not only as a guitarist but also as a producer, composer and engineer for numerous artists. Additionally, he is married and has six children as well as one grandchild; among these children Lanica makes charcoal toothpaste while Kesha plays musical instruments.

Professional Career

Norm Brown began his musical journey with the release of his debut album Just Between Us in 1992. This featured collaborations with artists like Boyz II Men, Stevie Wonder, Kenneth H Williams and Kenneth H Williams. Two years later came After the Storm which gained critical acclaim as well as being named jazz album of the year at Soul Train Music Awards; its success led to 1996’s Better Days Ahead which garnered greater exposure and earned him both critical acclaim as well as winning him an American Jazz Award.

Norm Brown, born December 18, 1970 in Missouri and currently 52 years old, is a smooth jazz guitarist known for his solo releases such as Just Chillin’. Additionally he works with Brown-Whalum-Braun. Often compared to George Benson as an influential guitarist; Brown has the Life Path number 2.

Achievement and Honors

Grammy award winner Jack Johnson is well known for bringing joy to audiences when performing. His guitar playing is simply an extension of himself; in addition, he hosts masterclasses where he teaches others the art of music.

Popular contemporary jazz guitarist and his songs are beloved across the world. His albums After the Storm, Just Chillin’ and 24/7 have all become top sellers worldwide.

He is married and they share a daughter named Kesha. He prefers keeping his personal life private, not speaking much about it or his relationships. A sports fanatic, he enjoys watching football and basketball games; listening to music; traveling – these are some of his interests and hobbies.

Personal Life

Norman Brown has always been conscious of his spiritual and personal growth throughout his career. Additionally, he strives to avoid drugs and alcohol consumption.

Born December 18th 1970 to Sagittarian parents and currently 48 years old. Smooth jazz guitarist who has released solo albums such as Just Chillin’ and collaborated with Brown-Whalum-Braun combo.

He is married, having been in a longstanding relationship with Frances, but prefers to keep their personal and romantic life private. Although they do not yet share any children together, the couple currently resides in New York.

Net Worth

Norman Brown, one of Missouri’s acclaimed guitarists, possesses an estimated net worth between $1-5 Million. Known for his beautiful yet mesmerizing musical talent.

Smooth jazz guitarist Bill Braun has released solo albums such as “Just Chillin'”, and has collaborated with Brown-Whalum-Braun. His music has often been compared to that of George Benson.

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