Noah’s Playground

Noah’s Playground Opens in New Bedford

Imagine being Noah and saving hundreds of animals before the world ends on an ark 65 feet long at Skirball Cultural Center – this can happen!

This playground was specially created to welcome both children with and without disabilities, encouraging side-by-side play. It was constructed in memory of eight-week-old Noah Cohen, who passed away due to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome; his parents established Team Noah Foundation to help other families experiencing medical hardship or disability.

Early Life and Education

Noah’s Park Weekday Early Education is an outstanding child care center. Their teachers are kind, gentle and nurturing towards all of the children in their classrooms, while incorporating religious teachings into their instruction of children.

Lawson Park at Sheridan Road and Clinton Place on Evanston’s lakefront at Lighthouse Beach features an inclusive playground designed to serve children both with and without disabilities, providing quiet areas where children can escape sensory overload if necessary. It was first open for use in 2008.

This playground was created in memory of Noah Fernandes, who died of mitochondrial disease. His parents and members of Team Noah raised $400,000 for its construction. Their family hopes the playground will encourage children to focus on recognizing their abilities over focusing on disabilities.

Professional Career

Noah’s Ark Waterpark offers competitive salaries and benefits as well as fun perks that enhance team morale, as well as equal employment opportunity without discrimination on any basis including race, gender, age, religion, national origin sexual orientation and physical or mental disability.

Stephen practically grew up in the playground industry, helping his dad Shan found Noah’s Playground back in 2001. Since then he has acquired extensive knowledge about all aspects of playground business operations: design, sales, marketing and installation. Outside of work Stephen enjoys watching OKC Thunder basketball games while leading worship at his church and solving any playground-related issues in his free time. Stephen is also known as an excellent problem solver – offering his expertise at any point along the process!

Achievement and Honors

One local couple’s longtime dream has finally come to fruition in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Noah’s Playground at Veterans Park on Durham Road opened for play Saturday; its name honoring Noah who died suddenly of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome at just two months. Funded entirely through private donations in Noah’s memory.

A full playground featuring equipment designed to be inclusive for children with disabilities includes wheelchair swings and spinners, as well as two two-by-two wide slides from an 8-foot high deck, a Dove of Hope Music Wall and Climbing Walls.

The show remains attuned to each of its characters, never portraying one as overly superior or inferior. Each has their own special talent which helps them navigate life’s obstacles.

Personal Life

Noah Fernandes, 14, who passed away due to mitochondrial disease in March 2016, will be honored through this playground named in his memory. A large gathering gathered Monday at Marine Park on Popes Island to dedicate Noah’s Place Playground and pay our respects.

This park features a two-by-two wide slide from an eight-foot deck that will accommodate children with disabilities and equipment accessible to those in wheelchairs, an initiative of Team Noah Foundation founded by Victor and Christine Fernandes to honor their son Noah.

Team Noah raises money to assist families of children suffering from neurological diseases. Furthermore, Team Noah supports research into and awareness of such conditions; offering scholarships for families of special needs children as well as organizing an annual holiday party for these families. Established in 2010, they have successfully raised over $400,000 for families dealing with disabilities among children.

Net Worth

Noah Beck is an extremely popular TikTok star, soccer player, and model who has gained immense acclaim due to his incredible soccer abilities and modeling stints. Furthermore, he is known for producing jaw-dropping music videos which continue to expand his fan base exponentially.

Noah has long been an outspoken supporter of animal rights and made public service announcements for PETA. Additionally, he has appeared in multiple television series like To All the Boys and Austin and Ally.

Noah’s Place Playground in Cowling Park is an outstanding facility designed to serve children of all abilities – well worth making the drive from Columbus! After visiting, take time out in downtown London for coffee or lunch at Phat Daddy’s.

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