Noah Wilskey

Noah Wilskey on Honors and Distinctions

Achievement and Honors

As college application season begins, students should carefully consider which academic achievements can be included on their applications. Admissions officers pay close attention to these distinctions when assessing student’s likelihood for success in specific programs of study.

Graduating with honors is an outstanding achievement that should be included on an application. This award is determined based on one’s overall grade point average and appears on their official transcript and diploma.

Students receiving this honor typically are recognized at their graduation ceremonies and may receive a cord to wear with their uniform. Academic achievements that should be included on an application include class rank, scholarship awards and membership in discipline-specific honor societies.

Personal Life

Noah Wilskey balances his professional life with family life and involvement with several campus groups. He currently belongs to the Clark Honors College at University of Oregon where his interests lie in advertising and business.

His hobbies include writing, traveling and collecting hats; his collection consists of over 200 items including rare and vintage models. In his free time he likes spending time with family.

Kyle, too, is an avid traveler. Additionally, he’s fascinated with photography and video production and working on a project to document the history of his family tree. An aspiring filmmaker himself, Kyle hopes one day to launch a successful career in film. In the past he completed various projects such as producing an independent short film about himself as a child.

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