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Noah Goebel Wins Grand Prize at Kentucky State Fiddle Championships

This weekend saw the Kentucky State Fiddle Championships being hosted at the Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame & Museum. Missourian Trustin Baker won his second straight grand prize while Noah Goebel from Elkton won in bluegrass banjo category.

Taylor is in labor. She has taken Pitocin and hopes to get an epidural in time for delivery.

Early Life and Education

Taylor is in labor and being administered Pitocin to speed things along. Noah has come with her to the hospital in an attempt to help as much as he can; having missed their first child’s birth he wants to be there this time and ask questions; worried that things may not go as planned this time he asks lots of queries and is asking lots of queries himself; hoping everything will go according to plan!

Born near Orleans and having spent his life here aside from fourteen years at a Shell Oil Company distributor plant where his cheerful manner won him many admirers, he went on to live a satisfying retirement in his own home town of Orleans.

Personal Life

While away from broadcasting, he has published several books including a guide for young people looking to enter radio. Additionally, he owns a restaurant and enjoys outdoor recreation; along with his wife Ayumi they have two children whom often visit family in Owensboro; in addition to writing regular columns in the Messenger-Inquirer about cultural differences between Japan and the U.S.

After working in smaller markets, he made the jump to Los Angeles’ KGIL/FM where he became an announcer, writer and producer. From there he moved onto KCOP/TV where he served as newscaster, sportscaster and host for Daybreak and Who Can I Turn To shows before becoming play-by-play broadcaster for NBC Sports as well as radio voice of LA Clippers basketball team.

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