Noah Steinberg

Noah Steinberg, Di Stefano, Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Echo Investment S.A

Noah Steinberg serves as Chairman of Echo Investment S.A and owner of WING Zrt company. WING is an industry leader in office property investment, development and management with investments across retail, logistics, hotel and residential real estate assets.

Steinberg first rose to fame as part of Yiddish “Die Junge” school during his teens and twenties, later transitioning to proletarian themes by late thirties. His works explored poverty, crime, anti-Semitism and misused power amongst governing classes.

Early Life and Education

Noah was the central figure in the Flood story from Genesis, making a covenant with God to protect humanity against future catastrophe. Additionally, he planted the first vineyard and became father to Shem, Ham and Japheth.

Steinberg attended both Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs as well as Vienna’s Diplomatic Academy – two highly esteemed institutions specializing in international affairs – before beginning his business career in Central Europe.

As Chairman and CEO of WING Zrt in Hungary, he specializes in commercial property development for office, logistics, retail and hotel projects. Additionally, he serves on the board of Echo Investment in Poland as a real estate developer.

Professional Career

Steinberg began his legal career at the Securities and Exchange Commission as an enforcement attorney where he served as special projects counsel assisting with various cases directly under General Counsel supervision. Subsequently he practiced as both an associate and partner at Cadwalader LLP.

Graduate of both Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs and Vienna’s Diplomatic Academy. Fulbright Scholar.

He currently serves as Chairman-Supervisory Board Chairman of Echo Investment S.A, Hungary’s market leading office developer. In addition, he serves as Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Owner of Wing Group as well as WING Ingatlanfejleszto es Beruhazo Zrt. Additionally he holds membership of Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors while sitting on Graboplast Padlogyarto Zrt board of Directors.

Achievement and Honors

Noah Steinberg has held various professional roles throughout his career. He has worked for Lutheran World Relief and Mercy Corps organizations; held internships in journalism and politics; as well as having studied journalism at Princeton University; held an MA degree from Diplomatic Academy of Vienna and speaks French, German, Spanish and Hungarian. Currently living in Glen Cove New York (having also resided Old Westbury and Cambridge MA before moving there); known relatives include several.

Personal Life

Noah Steinberg has many interests: authorship, performing arts and entrepreneurship are all part of his repertoire. Additionally, he’s featured on multiple TV shows as a writer – such as Amazon’s Emmy- and Golden Globe-winning series The Marvelous Mrs Maisel (for which he won both an Emmy and Golden Globe nomination).

Additionally, he serves as Chairman and Owner of WING Group, Hungary’s premier office developer. In addition, he sits on the boards of Graboplast Padlogyarto Zrt and Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors Hungary.

A good book introduces both people and places, and this one certainly does that. Packed with beautiful artwork and exquisite writing, it makes a rich reading experience while conveying its important message: that those who bully others must see them as real beings worthy of respect.

Net Worth

Noah Steinberg-Di Stefano currently works at Lutheran World Relief as the Program Associate for Emergency Response Operations. As part of this role, he travels around the globe assisting communities such as India, Haiti and Puerto Rico with emergency relief assistance. Noah earned both his BA in Public and International Affairs at Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University as well as MA from Diplomatic Academy Vienna Austria before becoming a Member of Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors of Hungary RICS membership and board membership at Graboplast Padlogyarto Zrt while WING Ingatlanfejleszto es Beruhazo Zrt respectively.

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