noah mcever

Noah McVey – A Little Boy With a Big Heart

Noah loved stuffed animals; he owned hundreds and named each one, pokemon cards he could identify the evolutions for, and wanted to become a paleontologist when he grew older. His generous heart always put others before himself even in his final moments when diagnosed with a tumor in his brain.

Personal Life

Noah was passionate about helping others. He volunteered at the Silex senior center and also assisted his younger brother with autism advocacy efforts. Noah loved and was very devoted to his family; always there to make them smile with his sense of humor and great sense of humour he was an amazing father and husband who will forever remain remembered with pride.

Starting in 1942, he became increasingly political active and joined the African National Congress (ANC) in 1944. From there he entered its Youth League and eventually rose through its ranks to become deputy president.

In 1952 he was selected as national volunteer-in-chief of the Defiance Campaign alongside Maulvi Cachalia; this campaign of civil disobedience was organised jointly with the South African Indian Congress.

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