Noah Kittner

Noah Kittner – PhD Candidate at UC Berkeley and Research Associate at Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory at UC Berkeley

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Noah Kittner is an assistant professor of energy within the Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering at UNC Chapel Hill. His research interests center around how energy systems impact low-carbon development.

Early Life and Education

Parents instilled the importance of education into him from an early age. After attending Weldon High School and Kittner’s Department Store for family business purposes, he went on to participate in numerous civic activities including serving as trustee of Halifax Memorial Hospital and Weldon City Schools Foundation as well as longtime membership at Temple Emanu-El of Weldon and North Carolina B’nai B’rith.

Noah served as a Fulbright Fellow at the Joint Graduate School of Energy and Environment in Bangkok, Thailand; researching technical and policy aspects of solar electricity as well as sustainability assessment alongside colleagues at Chulalongkorn University. Now a PhD student in Berkeley’s Energy Resources Group as well as researcher at its Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory; Noah is passionate about using clean technology for peacebuilding and sustainable development.

Professional Career

Noah Kittner is currently pursuing his PhD at University of California Berkeley’s Energy and Resources Group and researching at Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory. His work ranges from modeling innovation in emerging storage technologies to planning a deep decarbonized electricity system – he has published work in leading journals like Nature Energy, Environmental Science & Technology and Ecological Economics.

Kittner excelled as an exceptional wide receiver during his stellar college career at both UMary and Northern Sun; breaking single-season records for catches, receiving yards, receiving touchdowns in a game as well as setting NSIC record for total reception touchdowns per game. As a result of these impressive numbers he earned himself an All-American spot from Division II AFCA, as well as first team honors from NSIC and D2CCA Super Region 4 this season; adding these accolades to an already lengthy list.

Achievement and Honors

Noah Kittner is a graduate research fellow in UC Berkeley’s Energy and Resources Group as well as researcher with its Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory. In Thailand he investigated technical, policy, and sustainability aspects of solar electricity usage. Furthermore, he coauthored a Thai Solar PV Roadmap.

He was honored as an All-Conference Defensive Linebacker both years, leading the Saints to back-to-back NSIC state titles with his 57 tackles (42 solo), 12 TFLs, five sacks and two interceptions while at St Mary’s University of Minnesota.

Noah is also the founder of ecoligo, an initiative which encourages distributed solar projects in developing nations. To date, this work has helped fund over 200 small-scale solar installations around the globe and earned several accolades such as University of Mary Outstanding Young Alumni Award and North Dakota Class AA Teacher of the Year award.

Personal Life

Sarah was an active supporter of community, education, Jewish and civil rights – being a generous donor to Halifax Community College, Kehillah Synagogue and UNC Kittner Eye Center among others. Additionally she was a loving daughter, sister, aunt cousin friend.

At all times, she was present and engaged, learning new things, devoted to her children and their spouses, surrounded by close family and friends and deeply beloved by her grandchildren – she will be greatly missed but her legacy lives on in Weldon North Carolina where her 94 years lived full of love, fun, friendship, learning and laughter were treasured by so many – but especially by us all who had the joy of knowing her and loving her so dearly – We loved you Mama – The Kittner Family (Weldon North Carolina) December 12 2022: She lived 94 years full of life and love as we all had known her. We loved you Mama; We loved having you among us all and know we owe a debt of gratitude from us all here to the Kittner Family in North Carolina (Weldon) on December 12 2022 with all our loved ones mourning our great loss; Our thoughts go out to The Kittner Family in Weldon North Carolina on December 12 2022 (She lived 94 years full of life and lived 94 years full of life!). December 12, 2022 She lived 94 years full of life 94 years! – Full and loving 94 years full of life she truly knew all. -Kittner Family We Love you Mama-The Kittner Family-We Love you mama).-Kittner Family from Weldon North Carolina December 12, 2022 She lived 94 years loving and full of life-The Kittner Family We Love her; December 12, 2022- We Loved Her Family). December 12, 2022).She lived 94 Years! – December 12, 2022-We Love Her Legacy Lived her full lives 94 Years was full. 94th December 12.2022:

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