Noah Hensley

Noah Hensley

Noah Hensley has grown up immersed in swimming. His mother Sue Hensley, a former Florida State swimmer herself, introduced him to swimming early.

Cole holds a double major in physics and swims the 200 fly for Florida State, while Hensley has achieved All-American status twice in 100 butterfly.

Hensley served as the volunteer assistant coach of IUPUI’s 2021-22 team as an undergraduate. Under his tutelage were five NCAA champions and 13 All-Americans – including one record-setting relay relay team.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

Cole Hensley and Noah have always loved swimming; although they experimented with other sports, none surpassed swimming as their favorite activity. Now both brothers are members of Florida State University’s Swim Team.

Noah has competed at both ACC Championships and won gold in the 200 fly at 2015 NCAA Championships, also earning multiple Golden Torch Awards along the way.

Hensley has served as an assistant coach with NC State’s Wolfpack Elite Swim Team as a volunteer assistant coach since 2011. As such, he has produced five NCAA Champions and 13 All-Americans during this period as well as multiple Olympic Trials semi-finalists and finalists. Additionally, Hensley co-owns VIP Auto Accessories located in St Louis Missouri.

Achievement and Honors

Hensley earned multiple NCAA All-American accolades, competing in both the 100 butterfly and 200 butterfly events as well as 200 medley and 400 freestyle relay events.

Hensley is not only a professional athlete; he also works in television and film. His credits include Elementary, The Americans and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as well as music videos.

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Personal Life

Noah Hensley has come a long way in his battle with self-acceptance and now finds joy in appreciating those around him. At 17 years old, Hensley is now a ray of sunshine to those he interacts with and his mature perspective on humanity provides inspiration to many around him.

Hensley has been greatly impacted by Dianna Perez, his government teacher. She taught him the value of politics as well as how everyone has an opinion that should be heard.

Hensley recently joined IUPUI Swimming and Diving Coaching Staff. In his volunteer capacity as a coach, Hensley has mentored five NCAA champions and 13 All-Americans; working closely with Wolfpack Elite Swim Team where he assisted 10 Olympic Trials semifinalists/finalists as a volunteer coach; in his free time Hensley enjoys participating in charitable initiatives while taking photographs for Wolfpack Elite Swim Team Wolfpack. Besides coaching he also enjoys photography.

Net Worth

Hensley has amassed a considerable fortune through his acting career and is estimated to have amassed a net worth of approximately $5 Million. His resume includes many appearances in popular films and television series like Campfire Stories, Teeth, Shutter and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

As well as working for various organizations such as The North Carolina Department of Agriculture, Coca-Cola and Lenovo.

He has served on the Board of Directors of NANA Regional Corporation and participated in various oilfield services ventures. Additionally, he founded Maniilaq Alaska-based non-profit representing tribal interests; served on its Board; as President; as well as being involved with numerous oilfield services ventures since 2021.

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