Noah Hemphill

Professor Noah Hemphill and APN Capital Partner Noah Nordheimer

Professor Hemphill has made significant contributions to antitrust law that have been published in leading law and economics journals as well as being referenced in major media outlets.

Plaintiffs allege that by failing to report L.M’s suspected abuse in September 2004, STPH enabled Noah’s caretakers, the Smiths, and would-be abusers. As such, Noah may have experienced injuries which would have been avoided had STPH reported his suspected cases sooner.

Early Life and Education

Hemphill graduated from Lawrence High School and went on to study education at Kansas State Teachers College in Emporia. She was an active member of Delta Sigma Epsilon sorority as well as the RLH Club; additionally she was active with First Presbyterian Church of Lawrence.

In November 2005, Patricia placed both Noah and his older brother with Christa and Julius Smith to care for. While in their care, Noah experienced severe and permanent head trauma due to blunt force.

Plaintiffs assert that due to STPH and Dr. Speights’ failure to report suspected abuse against L.M. to OCS, Noah continued being victimized by his guardians, leading them to continue abusing him without reporting it and suffering an injury as a result.

Professional Career

Noah Hemphill is an expert in behavioral health and addiction services, having extensive experience in program design, 360-degree monitoring, professional evaluations and fitness for duty recommendations, staff training/supervision as well as vocational reintegration/professional reintegration strategies and strategic planning.

Concerted Care Group was launched by Michael in 2014 and quickly began changing the narrative around addiction treatment, offering hope and recovery to even the most challenging clients. Now at APN Lodge he continues his efforts by integrating all viable treatment modalities on one comprehensive campus – or what some refer to as wrap-around care.

He currently serves as an assistant coach for Mississippi State’s men’s tennis team and in 2020 helped MSU win both the Southeastern Conference championship and reach the NCAA quarterfinals.

Achievement and Honors

Noah Hemphill has excelled academically over his academic career at Bake Middle School and been honored as an academic all star within the district.

Hemphill is an exceptional baseball player for Palomar College Comets and earned first team all conference recognition during both of his years there. Additionally, Hemphill excelled as a standout athlete in basketball and football at Coronado High School in Henderson, Nevada.

Personal Life

Noah Nordheimer is a passionate visionary, leader, and investor who seeks to improve lives of others through investing in APN Capital – his unique company that is already changing how people treat addiction while raising client outcomes standards. Before founding APN Capital in 2007, he previously created Concerted Care Group (CCG), now part of APN Capital.

She will be greatly missed by her family and friends, so on Friday October 23rd at two pm at Mount Olivet Funeral Home a memorial service will take place featuring Chris Hemphill, Michael McDowell, Bethany Hemphill Saxon Schulz and Guillermo Andrade as pallbearers – with burial to follow at Harbourstone Enhanced Care Cemetery under Brother Judd Hayes officiation.

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