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The Noah Dress – A Place For Discussion Beyond Endless Hype and Resale Prices

Brands like Noah, founded by former Supreme creative director Brendon Babenzien and designed as casual menswear clothing, occupy an interesting niche within streetwear culture. While carrying some of the same references and cultural touch points of its predecessor, this label fosters discussion beyond hype cycles and resale prices.

Early Life and Education

Today’s fashion world may be defined by BAPE sneakers, popped collars and United Colors of Benetton staples; yet Noah still speaks to skaters, streetwear enthusiasts and culture curators. His message embodies Supreme’s signature individualism while offering more inclusive solutions – it remains relevant but less confrontational.

Megan Fox recently discussed Noah, her 6-year-old son, and his love of fashion on “The Talk”. According to Megan, Noah enjoys going for dress fittings and even wears dresses to school despite being male! Megan is teaching Noah to be confident regardless of what others may think about his choice in clothing.

Professional Career

Noah Kazis is taking on a new chapter in his career by becoming an educator. Utilizing his vast legal expertise in municipal law and land use matters to share this knowledge with Michigan law students.

Patrick Brewer on Schitt’s Creek and as one of the characters in Cardinals are two roles he is best known for, while also founding production company CSix+ LLC.

Noah has enjoyed a distinguished and accomplished acting career and amassed an impressive net worth, garnering various awards and acknowledgment for his skills as an actor. Noah currently works on multiple projects; Outer Range will feature him portraying a rancher living in Wyoming’s wilderness.

Achievement and Honors

Noah Cyrus is Miley Cyrus’ little sister and has made quite the name for herself in her own right. Known for her signature look that blends vintage clothing with streetwear and boho pieces as well as bold hairstyles and colors, Noah is now well-recognized for her talents as an individual stylist.

She has worn various looks from sheer dresses to bodycon outfits. Some of her most noteworthy outfits include a black gown with plunging neckline and thigh-high slit, worn to the 2017 MTV VMAs; or monochromatic look featuring white crop top and pants worn for an event.

Noah has garnered immense respect among young people due to its activism and awareness on various issues, using clothing as a vehicle to educate about environmental protection and social justice.

Personal Life

Noah is known for her eclectic style and often incorporates vintage pieces into her outfits. She likes wearing oversized jackets and chunky boots as well as playing with proportions, pairing baggy T-shirts with slim pants for an eye-catching look.

Babenzien’s goal with his new project is straightforward: to reclaim space within streetwear for meaningful dialogue and collaboration that goes beyond logo-printing shirts. To this end, he is drawing upon the ethos of his old brand while adding personal experience and convictions of his own to make an impactful statement about identity politics and personal beliefs.

Since his brand’s founding, Noah has taken environmental sustainability very seriously. From lookbooks to garment care labels, Noah has done everything possible to inform consumers of the threat posed by ocean acidification and coral reef bleaching.

Net Worth

Noah first made its debut on the fashion scene in Fall/Winter 2015 following Babenzien’s departure from Supreme several seasons earlier. Almost instantly it established itself as a sanctuary for older customers seeking casual menswear essentials without all of the hype, hysteria, and velvet ropes that often accompany box logo retailers today.

Noah is an exceptional digital entrepreneur and his success as such is instrumental to building up his net worth. By saving a portion of his income and prioritizing experiences over possessions, he has amassed significant wealth quickly.

He has an array of talents that has seen him excel across a variety of career endeavors including acting, modeling, music videos, comedy sketches and Tiktok. Additionally, his endorsements and partnerships have increased his wealth significantly.

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