Noah Crooks

Noah Crooks, 13, On Trial For Murdering His Mother

Iowa police found 13-year-old Gretchen Crooks dead, her pyjama top unbuttoned and her body riddled with bullets from gunfire fired by her son after she took away his Call of Duty video game.

Noah Crooks was sentenced to 50 years of incarceration under Iowa’s Youthful Offender Law, becoming eligible for parole upon reaching age 18.

Early Life and Education

Gretchen Crooks was a 37-year-old mother from Osage, Iowa working as a nurse at Mercy Hospital in Mason City. She graduated with her nursing degree from the University of Iowa and was currently working on her master’s. Gretchen lived with William, their 13-year-old son Noah and William’s brother David.

On March 24, 2012, she was sitting on her sofa when Noah took out his rifle and shot her multiple times before sending a text message to his father informing him he had killed his mother and asking if it would be best if he came home immediately.

He was found guilty of second-degree murder in 2013 and received a 50 year prison sentence, where he has since been housed in Eldora State Training School. At his hearing in 2016 he did not address why his mother had been murdered.

Professional Career

Noah Crooks shot and killed his mother Gretchen with a.22 caliber rifle at their Osage, Iowa family home on March 27, 2012. Gretchen worked at Mercy Hospital in Mason City as well as Cargill Kitchen Solutions.

Noah appeared disoriented as he explained to the dispatcher on his 911 call that he had just killed his mother. He blamed her taking away his Call of Duty video game for poor grades as the cause, leading him to act violently towards her and eventually killing her.

School friends testified that Noah was frequently aggressive and violent, stabbing classmates with pencils. Under Iowa’s youthful offender laws, which may result in additional penalties including further incarceration until he turns 18, Noah is currently being tried as a juvenile offender and spent several years at Eldora State Training School prior to this proceedings.

Achievement and Honors

In March 2012, a 13-year-old from Osage, Iowa is accused of shooting and killing his own mother – Gretchen Crooks of Osage who worked as a nurse while also studying towards her master’s degree.

Noah went on a shooting rampage at their home and shot her 22 times, according to KAAL-TV reports. William testified that their relationship had been both loving and stormy at various points over the years, according to reports by KAAL-TV.

Noah called 911 and informed them of what triggered him: his mother taking away his ‘Call of Duty’ video game was the catalyst. Throughout his call he complained about how life was over for him as college applications became ineligible to apply to. It is expected that Noah will be prosecuted as a youth offender until age 18.

Personal Life

Noah Crooks was 13 when he shot and killed his mother Gretchen at their rural Osage, Iowa home on March 2, 2012. His motive? She took away his Call of Duty video game. Gretchen was shot 21 times.

Her father testified that their relationship was turbulent and witnessed Noah becoming increasingly violent and stabbing sofa cushions and home fixtures with knives. Additionally, she complained he wasn’t studying enough for nursing school.

Noah has been placed at the State Training School in Eldora since being charged and will remain there until his eighteenth birthday. The court has ordered him to pay $150,000 as restitution to his father; as such, he does not qualify for parole or release. Recently however, he has claimed he is now religious and wants to dedicate his life solely to Him.

Net Worth

Noah Crooks, 13, stands accused of trying to rape and kill his 37-year-old mother after she took away their Call of Duty video game, according to court testimony.

On a terrifying 911 call, he reported to dispatcher that he had attempted to rape her and shot her multiple times with a.22-caliber rifle. Police later discovered her dead at her Osage home, covered with bullet wounds from head to waist down.

Crooks’ lawyer does not contest the shooting itself but intends to use an insanity defense instead. According to KAAL-TV, Crooks is said to suffer from intermittent explosive disorder – a behavioral condition which triggers sudden violent outbursts – as an excuse for his violent acts, according to his defense team. They intend to call in a doctor as witness that will testify that Crooks is mentally ill.

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