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Nick Polom Age, Bio and Net Worth

Nick Polom, better known by his handle Nmplol on Twitch, has enjoyed great success as an influencer and streamer on Twitch. His live gaming and vlog streams have gained him an extensive fan base.

He generates income through sponsorship, monetization, paid advertisements and brand endorsements.

Malena Tudi, Nmplol’s girlfriend, helps him edit videos for YouTube channel.

Early Life and Education

Nick Polom was born January 25th 1991 in Rochester Michigan and attended both a private school and Oakland University for his education.

He began his gaming career by creating a YouTube channel on June 7, 2014. There, he shared game clips and vlogs. Later he began streaming on Twitch where he quickly gained followers.

Nmplol is currently in a relationship with Malena Tudi, another Twitch streamer and YouTuber who serves as his editor alongside Chance Morris (another popular YouTuber/streamer). They live together with their dog named Buddy; these two remain close as ever and often spend time together; social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter bear witness to this fact.

Professional Career

Nick Polom is a well-known Twitch streamer who has garnered the admiration of over 1.1 million subscribers on Twitch. Known for his gaming and vlog live streams, he is represented by United Talent Agency and also uploads numerous videos to YouTube.

Nmplol was born January 25th 1991 in Rochester Michigan USA to parents of mixed racial heritage: his mother being white and his father being black.

Nick and Olivia share an enthusiasm for both careers and philanthropy, while maintaining a balanced schedule through open communication, mutual respect and effective planning and balance to meet their goals. Currently residing in New York City together they share an elegant penthouse apartment as their private oasis.

Achievement and Honors

Nick Polom, born January 25 in Rochester Michigan is an estimated net worth between $1-3 Million. Known for his YouTube vlogs and World of Warcraft gameplay. Nick has a girlfriend named Malena whom both enjoy fame in their gaming communities.

At first launching his channel in 2014, he quickly amassed over 175,000 subscribers – sharing his life via vlogs with them all while even appearing on other YouTuber’s channels like Sodapoppin’s and Chance Morris’.

Nmplol is widely recognized for his superb gaming abilities and engaging personality. With a Life Path number of 1, Nmplol represents someone with hard work and determination who can achieve anything he sets his mind to do.

Personal Life

Nmplol enjoys an enormous fan following on YouTube and Twitch Live streaming platforms, and makes significant money through these as well as brand endorsement, donations, and paid advertisements.

Malena Tudi, also a famous gamer on Twitch, and he share an extremely close relationship and often feature each other in videos shared on youtube and Twitch channels; Malena even dedicated a song specifically for him during a livestream!

Born January 25, 1991 in Rochester, Michigan in the United States and his ethnic background is half white with African ancestry, he currently resides in Austin Texas with Malena Tudi as well as their pet dog Buddy. As an animal enthusiast he owns numerous pets in his house.

Net Worth

Polom is well-known within the gaming industry; however, his personal life remains relatively private. He does not discuss much about his family life or children yet have not spoken about having them; although he does have one sibling named Annabel.

He launched his YouTube channel in early 2016 and transitioned into full-time streaming a year later, earning significant income through paid advertisements and brand endorsements.

Polom has amassed an extensive audience on his Twitch channel, where he regularly posts daily vlogs and gameplay videos. He has collaborated with other well-known Twitch personalities like Mizkif, Zack Asmongold, Rich Campbell, Esfandtv and Jschlatt.

He is currently dating Malena Tudi, another well-known Twitch streamer. They currently reside together in Austin, Texas.

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