New Zealand Parrot Crossword Clue

New Zealand Parrot Answers

The New Zealand parrot is a crossword puzzle clue that’s been spotted over 20 times. This article will look at related clues, including its Size, Color, and Flightlessness. You’ll also find a hint for the crossword puzzle’s clue: “New Zealand parrot”.


If you’re looking for an answer to the crossword puzzle clue “New Zealand parrot,” you’ve come to the right place. This bird has been appearing on over 20 crosswords, so you may be wondering what other words can be made from its name. We’ve listed a few synonyms for this animal below.

The first one is LOAFING, which is a word that’s an anagram of the word “log”. The second anagram is L wrapped around the word “FIN.” The third anagram is LHASA APSO, which is a shortened version of LHASA APSO, which stands for “leafing.” Lastly, the final word in this crossword clue is HAS-AAPS-O.


What is the size of a New Zealand parrot? The answer is about the same size as a chicken. These flightless birds have a long, downcurved bill with sensitive nostrils at the tip. This crossword clue appeared in the Daily Celebrity Crossword on March 19, 2022. It is a common crossword clue that has been appearing on various puzzle sites for years. However, it can be tricky to figure out which puzzle site to use.


This crossword puzzle clue relates to a large New Zealand parrot with brownish-green plumage. It has been spotted over 20 times, and has multiple answers. To solve this clue, we’ve listed some of its related clues below. Which one is the correct answer? Read on to find out! We’ve also included some related terms for your convenience. To find the answer to the New Zealand parrot color crossword clue, click on the appropriate category.

If the clue isn’t answered, you can use a search engine. The search bar will provide all possible answers to crosswords – both classic and cryptic – and will sort them by length or by letters. You can also specify the number of letters you want the answer to be.


Flightlessness of the New Zealand parrot, or kakapo, is an amazing feat of nature. The nocturnal habits of this large parrot make it the only flightless parrot in the world. Its speckled yellow-green plumage makes it a natural camouflage against predators. It is also one of the heaviest parrots in the world, and its lek courtship system is incredibly unique.

The kakapo is the largest flightless bird in the world, weighing up to two kilograms. Its population is critically endangered – only about 252 individuals remain. The bird evolved without natural mammalian predators and was almost wiped out after European settlers introduced rats, cats, and stoats. Inbreeding has exacerbated the problem and is a major concern for conservationists.

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