New York Shooting Today

New York Shooting

Zeldin’s wife was not at home at time of shooting

Representative Lee Zeldin, a Republican candidate for governor, was out campaigning in upstate New York when he was shot outside his home. He was unharmed in the shooting and his wife was not home when it happened. Zeldin, who is running against Hochul, is running a tough-on-crime campaign. He did not return home from his campaign event until shortly after the shooting. When he arrived home, he and his wife found two people who had been shot. The two victims were taken to local hospitals. A third person fled the scene.

Zeldin’s wife Diana was not at home when the shooting took place. The two were at a Columbus Day parade in the nearby Morris Park neighborhood when the shooting occurred. Police responded and found two victims who were in critical condition. Zeldin’s wife and twin daughters were not home at the time of the shooting, but they were not in danger. Zeldin said he was unaware of what had prompted the shooting, and he did not know if police had identified any suspects.

Three victims in stable condition

The three victims in the new York shooting are in a stable condition, police say. The shooter threw a smoke device from the N train and opened fire inside the 36th Street station on 4th Avenue. The suspect remains at large. He may have fled into the subway system. Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell said during a news conference that none of the victims had life-threatening injuries. Several national and local leaders have expressed their condolences on social media. Even the Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer, tweeted that he was praying for the victims.

Authorities are working to determine who shot the victims. According to police, at least one of the cameras at the scene had technical difficulties. The camera had been malfunctioning, but officials are investigating whether that is a sign of a larger problem. Authorities have not released a name or description of the shooter, but they have released the names of three victims.

Suspect’s name: Andrew Abdullah

Police say Abdullah was a gang member and a repeat offender. He had been arrested in 2016 for felony assault, robbery, and attempted murder. He received a 30-month sentence in May 2017 and is eligible for parole in June 2021. Police say they were able to identify Abdullah because of surveillance video.

After being identified as the suspect in the fatal NYC subway shooting, Abdullah turned himself in to police on Tuesday at a Manhattan precinct. Witnesses said Abdullah was seen pacing back and forth in the train car. He was heard mumbling, “no cell phones.” The victim, 48-year-old Daniel Enriquez, was killed at close range without any provocation. The suspect fled the scene after the shooting and was captured 11 minutes later by transit officers.

Location of crime scene: U-Haul van

Police are searching for a U-Haul van whose driver slammed into a police vehicle, then fled into the woods. After a large police response, the driver of the U-Haul van was apprehended. The sergeant from the North Bergen police department was outside his vehicle when the stolen U-Haul struck him. He was attempting to conduct a motor vehicle stop, but the U-Haul van sped away on Secaucus Road.

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