New York Power Rankings Smash Ultimate

Smash Ultimate Players in New York

There are several ways to determine the top Smash Ultimate players in New York. Using a variety of methods, such as YouTube rankings and let’s play and review databases, you can identify the top players. These rankings are based on the number of videos uploaded by each player in the game and their overall popularity.


NAKAT has emerged as a significant threat in the Ultimate scene. After her breakout performance at Smash N’ Splash 5, NAKAT has been making waves in the Power Rankings.

Gavin ‘Tweek’ Dempsey

Tweek has a punish-heavy style, and he tends to play better when he has an advantage. If he is not able to get an early lead, he can become frustrated. Last year, he placed third at Frostbite 2020 and ninth at Genesis 7, but has been quiet so far this year. He is expected to participate in the Smash World Tour later this year.

William ‘Glutonny’ Belaid

William ‘Glutonny’ Belaid is a professional Super Smash Bros. player from France. He is currently the highest-ranked player from Europe in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and is ranked 70th in the world in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. He has won numerous online tournaments, including the World Championship.

William ‘Vanity Angel’ Gee

William ‘Vanity Angel’ Gee is a high-level Melee player from New York, USA. He is known for his punishing gameplay and spacing skills. He has also been dubbed the most terrifying Peach on the continent. His latest triumph was the top-ranked title at Awakening 4. In 2016, Vanity Angel was ranked 96th in the world.


After spending the past 18 months climbing the Ultimate mountain, Kolawole has come out on top in the power rankings. He finished with a Top 10 ranking, took home the Best Roy in the World title, and is now at #8 in the PGRU. Kolawole is a top-tier player, but he is not without competition. He is the reigning PGR World Champion, and he has been consistent throughout the season.

Ethan Sternke

Ethan Sternke, a web developer from Indianapolis, is a smash ultimate competitor who uses the handle “inktivate” on Reddit and Twitter. He is a leading figure in the Smash community’s efforts to rank the relative strengths of combatants, especially as the number of characters and downloadable content in the game continues to increase. This makes determining where each character ranks very difficult.

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