New York Pilates Bowery

New York Pilates – Bowery Location

The Bowery is one of the most desirable areas of Manhattan, and many people who live in this neighborhood choose to take their Pilates classes here. You’ll find beautiful Reformer equipment here, as well as a bright, cozy studio. The class itself is very relaxed and easygoing, with plenty of space for your Reformer workouts.


Pilates is the new wellness craze. And in New York City, Pilates studios are popping up like mushrooms. Many of these places are equipped with Pilates reformer machines, which are used for a variety of exercises. Others use the “100s” exercise, which pairs lifted legs with hummingbird-like arm flutters. Heather Andersen’s New York Pilates studio is one example. She founded the studio in 2013, and it has locations in Soho and the Bowery. She also has a seasonal studio in Montauk, New York.

The studio has a great location in the Bowery, and there are classes available every day. The instructors are encouraging and the space is clean and comfortable. This place also has a good vibe, which makes Pilates even more enjoyable.


New York Pilates’ Bowery location is perfect for those in the neighborhood and offers a great variety of classes daily. It’s also a fun and supportive space. The instructors are encouraging and the space itself is charming. I had a great experience here and plan to keep coming back. Below are some of the things I liked about the studio. Listed below are some of the benefits of New York Pilates classes.


The bowery location of New York Pilates is convenient, and the studio offers a variety of classes daily. The instructors are encouraging and the atmosphere is nice. There are also plenty of classes each day, which is always a positive sign. New York Pilates is located in a historic space, with a creative history dating back to the time of Bob Dylan recording in the studio above.

Reformer equipment

A Pilates reformer is a piece of equipment used in the Pilates technique. It combines bodyweight resistance with springs to create a challenging yet safe workout. The reformer also has a jump board, which allows participants to use their core and glutes to work out while remaining safe. Reformer exercises have a low sweat factor, but the intensity of the exercise depends on the instructor. The tone level can be more intense than in a traditional Arms, Abs & Ass or a Yoga class.

New York Pilates has a number of locations in New York. Their flagship studio is on Houston Street, where a former recording studio for Bob Dylan and a couple of artists rented out space. The space is beautiful, with whitewashed brick walls, birch floors, and three arched windows. The studio offers mat and reformer classes, and they are open seven days a week. Aside from Pilates classes, the studio also sells neoprene-edged NYP leggings.

Relaxed atmosphere

With its convenient Bowery location and numerous classes every day, New York Pilates has a good vibe and a relaxed atmosphere. The instructors are encouraging and the space is nice. You’ll get a good workout at New York Pilates. If you’re looking for a new workout spot in Brooklyn, look no further than this location.

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