New Ketel One Commercial Song

Ketel One Botanical Releases New Commercial Song

Ketel One Botanical is a brand of distilled spirits derived from botanicals that are infused with natural fruit essences. They are a member of the Diageo family of brands and are committed to providing an elevated drink experience. In May of this year, they launched their first campaign, dubbed “A Purely Delightful Choice.” Now, Ketel One is taking their show on the road, with the release of their “Taste the Summer” commercial. This is the brand’s first commercial since the launch of its new botanical line and it features the brand’s signature Spritz cocktail, a concoction of vodka, sparkling water and real fruits and flowers. It’s the latest in a series of creative ads that are all about the experience.

The brand’s marketing manager Olivia Kupfer has a few things to say about the brand and its latest campaign. On the heels of launching their new botanical line, they’re releasing four highly visual and innovative television commercials highlighting the brand’s botanical concoctions. All of these spots will be aired nationally, and are the first to make the leap from the company’s flagship product, Ketel One. To make things even more fun, the company has released a limited edition Emmy Awards Cocktail Kit that contains the ingredients for eight “Marvelous Mule” cocktails. As of the writing of this article, these are the only official offerings from the brand, though more are on the way.

The commercials are part of Ketel One’s most ambitious campaign to date. In addition to a new campaign, the company is also launching a custom Emmy Awards Cocktail Kit that will enable consumers to replicate the creation of their own version of the famous mule. The kit is currently available online, and the ingredients can be purchased directly from the company. Of course, Ketel One will be making an appearance at this week’s 71st Emmy Awards, where they will also be unveiling a custom Emmy awards cocktail kit that will enable consumers to replicate the creation of the famous mule. So far, no one has nailed down which actress will play the role of the botanist, but it’s a safe bet that she’ll be in the running for the job.

In addition to their newest campaign, the company has released a new e-book titled “The New Ketel One” that will provide tips and tricks on how to get the most from their botanical line. It will also include a sneak peek at the new “Drink Marvelously” campaign, which features a pop-up bar that will allow consumers to create their own “Marvelous Mule” drinks.

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